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User interface and Usability Testing

“It helps your application or product to be more user friendly”

We offer clients an industry-proven process for solving these increasingly complex technology / business problems.

We wanted to bridge the gap between no user testing and expensive user testing.

How customers avail our services?

  • Agencies use us as a pitching tool to show videos of users struggling with a prospective client’s site (followed by how they’d improve it).
  • UX usability professionals use us to test a wire frame or a prototype site.
  • Web marketers use us to test their competitors’ sites–to find out what their competitors do better.
  • Product managers use us to watch their target market start at Google and naturally search the web for their product.
  • Conversion rate optimizers use us to find and fix their site’s biggest problems, and then run A/B tests to measure the improvement.
  • Game developers use us to ensure their games are fun!
  • Designers use us to watch real people using their normal computer–so they can see things like IM interruptions and small browser windows.
  • Developers: Agile development teams use us because of the rapid turnaround.
  • Entrepreneurs: Lean startups use us in their Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop.
  • Search engine experts use our new PPC and landing page optimizer to increase their advertising ROI.
  • Mobile apps developers use our new mobile app testing so they stop getting one star reviews.

Neosoft’s usability evaluation techniques make use of various Usability Evaluation methods that include Usability Testing, Usability Inspection and Usability Inquiry.

We check thoroughly for every possible contingency, including:

  • Compatibility across any browser your target audience might use – Microsoft IE, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Avant, AOL, etc.
  • Mobile/PDA Browsers Testing - to ensure that your website works on various browsers including iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, Samsung, NOKIA. We suggest that the website should detect the screen resolution automatically.
  • Cross-platform compatibility in case the site has to cope with user growth by acquiring mirrors or a new host and not lose a day of sales.
  • Full e-Commerce functionality; after all, we all want to sell an idea, a service, or a benefit.
  • Inform - your prime prospects about product and services.
  • Cross-enterprise collaboration - a critical organizational goal for many Web applications.
  • Sales path analysis - So you are perfectly confident about how smoothly (or not at all) visitors are able to transition after being convinced by your landing page or home page.
  • Across the board - for all sub-pages and microsites your visitors can access.
  • Under the most cost-effective terms possible.

Benefits of Usability Testing

  • Usability Testing offers many benefits to both users and application development companies.
  • Benefits to users include increased pace of learning, decreased user task time, errors and increased job satisfaction.
  • Development companies benefit through providing less technical support and training to users, improved management of risks associated with usability rework as well as improved user acceptance.
  • Benefits of web usability include increased sales, increased traffic and improved user productivity and features usage.
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