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Database Testing

“Data is very crucial and an important asset for the organization”

The database holds your application’s data and is the nerve centre of your application. The data is also the most important asset for the organization. For an enterprise level software application, the database would be accessed and updated by a very large number of users simultaneously. Hence there is a vital need for database testing.

Database testing – what does it include?

  • Validating the consistency of data being stored – storage format, length, etc
  • Validating data integrity – comparing and checking actual input against stored data
  • Validating data recovery in case of failed business transactions
  • Validating data security – not allow unauthorized access to database
  • Validating the database performance with respect to application query

Neosoft's Testing team includes all critical aspects of data validation as we understand the critical scenarios of data input, process, storage and access, without compromising the security of the application.

Database Security Testing

As such, data may be considered to be the "Bread and Butter" of your Company - the impact in terms of reputation and cost could be significant and should such information get into wrong hands??

Database attacks can be performed externally which may expose important information on Internet or Intranet and it can be performed internally for threats from within the Company.

What do you get?

  • We will provide a detailed report after completion of the penetration testing. The report will highlight the weaknesses in the system that affects the availability, reliability and integrity of information assets. It will also provide the solutions for covering each identified risk.
  • Cost effective and predictable cost makes it suitable for your budget management. No additional staff, software or infrastructure required.
  • You receive on-demand service with the flexibility to schedule your tests.
  • Testing database security including database permissions and privileges
  • Testing data format integrity and referential integrity
  • Penetration test of your database using a variety of tools
  • Conduct a security analysis of the SQL data-stream between the application and database
  • Load testing
  • You receive a written report about state of your application security.
  • You receive support through your mitigation life cycle.

Who needs it?

  • Companies that value the data in their database servers
  • Companies who would like to secure their database from unauthorized people


  • Testing the interfaces to the database such as :
  • GUIs
  • Java
  • COM or .net classes
  • Web services
  • Screen-scraping of legacy mainframe applications
  • Application programming interfaces (APIs) such as ODBC, JDBC, and OLEDB

We are well versed in using the many tools available

to test databases, such as:

  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft
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