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Performance Testing

“Speed, scalability and stability of your product at varying loads”

  • Load Test: Checking your application's ability to perform under anticipated user loads.
  • Stress Test: Testing your application under extreme workloads to see how it handles high traffic or data processing.
  • Volume Test: Populating large amount of data in database and monitoring the overall software system's behavior.
  • Endurance Test: Making sure your software or application can handle the expected load over a long period of time.

As organizations continue to drive more customers to their website applications, the increased traffic can push the application architecture's performance over a precipice. Performance issues are traditionally difficult to identify before an application is launched. When detected after launch, it often involves costly remedial work. We test new systems in the development stage and provide practical corrective measures to ensure that problems are rectified at an earlier stage by using advanced testing services and tools.

Neosoft builds customized performance testing solutions for clients using our remote web load testing infrastructure and data centers spread across the US and other global locations. .

Test Strategy Development

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Volumetric Analysis
  • Clarity of Scope and Objectives

Team Management

  • Liaison between technical specialists and project management
  • Process Improvement and skills transfer

Test Lab Development

  • We can build the performance testing infrastructure.
  • We also offer an external test lab and over the Internet testing.

Automated Test Script Frameworks

  • Developing a framework for your company’s in-house people to quickly and easily generate test scripts and scenarios
  • Knowledge Transfer and skills sharing with your full company resource

Test Development and Execution

  • We ensure that performance test result always include monitoring of your system components, so that bottlenecks can quickly and easily be identified using automated testing tools or bespoke test harnesses.
  • System Tuning- for example database query tuning and application server tuning
  • Load Testing Reports- Producing measurable and understandable performance test result reports.

Benefits of Performance Testing:

  • Determine the capabilities of your application under load.
  • Gain an understanding of the performance of individual pages/URLs/Actions taken in your application.
  • Leverage Neosoft's geographically distributed load testing infrastructure without incurring cost of building and maintaining this type of infrastructure on your own.
  • Leverage Neosoft's relationships with tool vendors and knowledge of open source tools to provide the best testing solutions.
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