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IoT (Internet of Things) technology is penetrating deeply into everyday human life. Cars, kitchen appliances, and even heart rate monitors connected via the Internet into one network where they exchange data. For example, having received data from the alarm clock in your smartphone, an IoT coffee...

It’s no secret that our emotions drive our behaviours. But what if brands could leverage those emotions to deliver powerful messages that truly resonate with consumers? Believe it or not, this is already a reality thanks to Artificial Emotional Intelligence (Emotion AI). This technology combines...

The data explosion has put a massive strain on the data warehouse architecture. Organizations handle large volumes and different types of data, including sensor, social media, customer behaviour, and big data. If your organization has a data warehouse, you’re most likely using either the...

Almost every college and university has moved towards e-learning platforms due to the pandemic. The introduction of learning management systems have made it easier for schools, colleges, and universities to reach out to students. Stats show that the retention rate for students taking classes...

If you ever had a chance to compare the resumes of 2 developers who come from nearly identical backgrounds and skills – languages, frameworks, platforms, methodologies, industries; you may find them practically to be the same person - on paper. However, not both could be equal while comparing their...

Low-Code and No-Code platforms are going to be game-changer for tech professionals across the world. The increasing number of low-code and no-code machine learning (ML) libraries is making it extremely faster and easier to develop top-notch projects. Here are top no-code and low-code libraries that...

Ambient Intelligence is set to rise in its scope and potential as machine learning continues advancing and the number of IoT devices and sensors continue increasing. Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is a new paradigm in information technology that’s rapidly transforming the healthcare industry. What...

As a field, computer vision has got a lot of exposure and a good amount of investment. Computer vision, or the capability of artificially intelligent systems to “see” like people, has been a subject of expanding interest and thorough examination research in the recent decades. As a method of...

Today, it is hard to imagine any business without an accompanying software application and that’s the prime reason for the software development industry to forecast a growth of $650B by 2025. This apparently also requires the development community to constantly innovate tools, technologies, and...