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Working at NeoSOFT Technologies is an exuberant experience for professionals who have the attitude to walk an extra mile and convert opportunities into possibilities.

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Team Augmentation

Great work needs great talent & skills. We help save time and money.

Opportunity to spearhead your career to the next level of excellence.

Why NeoSOFT?


    Be the YOU, you want to be
    1. NeoSOFT DESK: Your career ambitions come true while we empower talent to explore, learn and deliver.
    2. NeoSOFT ACADEMY: Learn and work on new technologies while they’re new.
    3. NeoSOFT INNOVATION: Experiment! We give the right platform to fuel your innovative ideas.
  • WORK

    Celebrate YOUR Work everyday
    1. NeoSOFT EXPERIENCE: Work in an ambience which is comfortable, healthy and amidst the green nature.
    2. NeoSOFT DIVERSITY: We encourage diversity, so you get an opportunity to work with talent from different backgrounds and walks of life.
    3. NeoSOFT FOUNDATION: As you ladder up, you get a legitimate platform to work towards social concerns and give back to the society.

    We hold YOU Tight and Strong
    1. NeoSOFT ADVISOR: We help you with advisory support when you need it the most.
    2. NeoSOFT EXPERTS: Speak with our experts who will guide you to ace a perfect and rewarding career.
    3. NeoSOFT WELLNESS: Nurture your soul, mind, and body with our wellness programs.


  • RNR

    Celebrating success stories of NeoSOFTizens! A much-awaited power-packed day


  • Festival

    Soak in the bliss of festival celebrations. Participate in the initiatives and demonstrate the creative spark in you!


  • Annual

    A platform beyond the workstations - an opportunity to demonstrate one’s noteworthy special talent.


  • Sport

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Be a part of NeoSOFT Champions League and break this rule!


Learning & Development

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Here's how we have grown!

Great Vision with Great People. It matters a lot to us!

  • Last Quarter

    170 +

    got trained in new technologies

  • Last Quarter

    19 +

    traveled to global locations

  • Last Quarter

    155 +

    joined our company


NeoSOFT Culture is a sum of Values, Beliefs, and Traditions.

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The building blocks which are the contributors towards our success story.

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What we Look For?

We look for few key attributes to ensure that you are the right fit at NeoSOFT Technologies

  • Positive Attitude

    Has the ability to blend in our culture, can embody our core values and holds a positive approach

  • Excellent Team Player

    Someone who values people, has great collaboration skills to initiate self-domain and cross-functional work

  • Leadership Traits

    Be ambitious, intelligent, confident,
    decision-maker, action-oriented, detail-oriented and holds leadership traits

  • Learn and Grow

    Be flexible, adaptable, curious and have the hunger to learn and grow

  • High Goals

    Stays focused, and keeps moving towards the goals set; for yourself and for the organization

  • Self-Motivated

    We look for pro-activeness in you. Someone who is self-driven and is an excellent communicator

  • Add Value

    The person should possess a go-getter attitude and be able to make a difference through innovative ideas and work

  • Ethical Professional

    Be a person of integrity, honesty and participate in ethical work endeavours

  • Knowledge & Capabilities

    Stays abreast with latest technologies and embraces advancing to newer platforms

Recruitment Process

Making the right choice begins with getting to know each other and an opportunity to talk about what we can achieve together. Our onboarding process is simple, transparent and aims at matching the right talent with right opportunity.


Profile Shortlisting

  1. Profile Screening
  2. Career Portal Registration
  3. Evaluation
  4. Role Feasibility check
  5. Invitation for F2F Interview


Written Test

  1. Aptitude (if applicable)
  2. Programming & Logic (if applicable)
  3. Domain specific (if any)


Technical Evaluation

  1. Level 1 - Basic
  2. Level 2 - Advanced
  3. Level 3 - Expert (if applicable)


HR Round

  1. Remuneration
  2. Company Policies
  3. Queries


NeoSOFT University looks for the best and the brightest that our fine education system offers. Fresh talent gets an opportunity to learn trending technologies and work on live projects. Explore opportunities with us.

Employee Perks (India)

  • Health Care with Dental and Vision

    Wellness Programs

  • health insurance

    Health Insurance

  • Life Insurance

    Life Insurance

  • Company Lunches and Activities

    Meal Allowance

  • travel allowance

    Travel Allowance

  • achievement

    Individual Achievement Perks

  • performance

    Team Performance Perks

  • jobtenure

    Job Tenure Perks

  • Paid Vacations and Holidays

    Paid Vacations & Holidays

  • flexiblework

    Flexible Work options

  • Late-Night-Meals

    Late Night Meals & Rides

  • Referral-Bonus

    Referral Bonus

  • relocation

    Relocation Allowance