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While Startups is the ongoing buzz today, the thrust of tech Startups has been predominantly noticed across the world. The credit could be given to the substantial fodder and fostering environment that the youths receive today at their academia. The seed to launch the next successful Startup is...

With almost all professions moving to the internet to promote their products, it is not surprising that the profit margins of companies that are in these professions are also increasing. Companies now hire developers and programmers that help them analyze the market trends, changes in effect, and...

In this technology driven world, the Internet has become almost an indispensable part of our lives. On an average, a person uses his/her phone only to use the internet and anything related to browsing the World Wide Web. It has become such a utility for us now that we just cannot imagine life...

The digital world is a dynamic one. Year after year, month after month, we see developments and concepts yet unheard of before. The world of Android App is no different. With more than a whooping 2.6 million apps on the Play Store, as of March 2018 and many more being added every single day, this...

Databases are key components of many an app and choosing the right option is an elaborate process. This article examines the role that databases play in apps, giving readers tips on selecting the right option. It also discusses the pros and cons of a few select databases. Every other day we...

You might be thinking of developing a mobile application, but confused how to go about it or from where to start due to the various technologies available to develop apps? Also, which is the best for your business – a native app or a hybrid app? Let’s find out. Your choice of a native or a...

This is a discussion on the role of Docker in software development and how it scores over virtual machines. As it becomes increasingly popular, let’s look at what the future holds for Docker. We all know that Docker is simple to get up and running on our local machines. But seamlessly...

Today, apart from relational tables, data is also available in other forms such as images, texts, blogs, lists, etc. Redis can be used as a database, cache and message broker. It is exceptionally fast, and can support five data types and two special types of data. Redis is an open source, in-...

Every millisecond counts when it comes to loading Web pages and their responsiveness. It has become critical to optimise the performance of Web applications/pages to retain existing visitors and bring in new customers. If you are eager to explore the world of Web optimisation, then this article is...