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Our business referral program is a relationship-driven revenue channel aimed at building a strong relationship based on trust, values, and a growth mindset.


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Crowdsourcing allows you to tap into the collective intelligence of the crowd to improve innovation performance or discover new ideas. According to a McKinsey survey, 6% of executives are satisfied with their firms’ innovation performance. When it comes to organizational capabilities, lack of...

People often confuse coding and programming and use these two terms interchangeably. Let’s just get this out of the way now — they’re not the same thing, and in fact, they are quite different. “Coding” and “Programming” are the two most important approaches in Software Development...

As organizations adapt to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, their agile teams can be a real source of competitive advantage. Such teams are typically well suited to periods of disruption, given their ability to adapt to fast-changing business priorities, disruptive technology, and digitization. Here’...

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way we lived some time back. Education which was channelized through schools/institutions in different formats, has now got a new look. Virtual classrooms, online exams, online forums, activities, etc. are no longer introduced by few. And soon, it will be a new...

Today’s teams are different from the teams of the past: They’re far more diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic (4-D). But while teams face new hurdles, their success still hinges on a core set of fundamentals for group collaboration. The basics of team effectiveness were identified by J....

Consider this case: You have to travel to another country for a business meeting. You’ll surf through various websites and then choose the one that offers the lowest prices on hotel and ticket booking. Next, you’re surrounded by a feeling of victory. ‘Oh yeah, I’ve saved a lot!’ You’ll share the...

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is a security testing method which identifies the security bugs in a software program, a computer network, a server or a system infrastructure. Since both tests serve a different purpose, they are often misunderstood as 2 different test....

While Startups is the ongoing buzz today, the thrust of tech Startups has been predominantly noticed across the world. The credit could be given to the substantial fodder and fostering environment that the youths receive today at their academia. The seed to launch the next successful Startup is...

With almost all professions moving to the internet to promote their products, it is not surprising that the profit margins of companies that are in these professions are also increasing. Companies now hire developers and programmers that help them analyze the market trends, changes in effect, and...