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Today, apart from relational tables, data is also available in other forms such as images, texts, blogs, lists, etc. Redis can be used as a database, cache and message broker. It is exceptionally fast, and can support five data types and two special types of data. Redis is an open source, in-...

Every millisecond counts when it comes to loading Web pages and their responsiveness. It has become critical to optimise the performance of Web applications/pages to retain existing visitors and bring in new customers. If you are eager to explore the world of Web optimisation, then this article is...

Overview There has been a lot of noise recently about terms like "bitcoin," "blockchain," and "cryptocurrency." Some of it is hype, but some of it points to important forces in the financial services industry. So what does it all mean? We can help. We’ve pulled together a few short articles...

What if Facebook had never integrated its updates and we still were using its original interface the Social Media Network began with? Sounds pretty dull, right? Would you like to return to the newsfeed of 2009 or prefer the profile layout before the timeline was introduced in 2011? The decade...

Web application testing helps ensure that the apps conform to certain set standards. It is a means to check for any bugs in the application before the latter goes live or the code is released on the Internet. Various aspects of the application and its behaviour under different conditions are...

Every Web developer needs to be armed with a set of tools that aid and assist in building better and more complex websites. From the wide range of Web development tools available, we present a set of 10 that in the author’s opinion are a must for any Web development tool kit. At a time when...

Firebase is a Google mobile platform that helps you quickly develop high quality apps and thereby scale your business. This article covers the range of services it offers to the user. Firebase started off as a real-time database in 2011 and saw some traction in key applications. The real upswing...

There are many facets of mobile app development, and one of the most important ones that largely contributes to the success of a mobile app is User Interface (UI). UI means the look of your app and how it interacts with users. If your app has a complex UI that doesn’t let users interact and...

A majority of JavaScript developers last year experienced some major challenges. If you are a developer, then you must know that ECMA Script 6 was finally standardised and published. Many renowned compilers as well as web browsers are working very hard to adapt the latest changes and regulations....