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Our Business Partner Program is a relationship-driven revenue channel aimed at building a strong relationship based on trust, values, and a growth mindset.

Enterprise Digital Transformation

Enterprise Digital Transformation is all about impacting Customer Experience, Business Efficiency & Business Innovation - by use of Disruptive Technologies, Products / Solutions, Infrastructures / Platforms & Processes. Earlier Information Technology (IT) was used as just an enabler, but now Information Technology (IT) is used to drive business. Enterprises are looking for solutions which will empower them to resolve their present issues, forecast tomorrow’s / future needs & concerns.

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Enterprise System Integration

Our vast experience of different technologies, platforms and methodologies enables us to serve the most complex integration needs. We can fetch / consolidate / exchange business data from different heterogeneous enterprise systems – on premise, on-cloud or third-party apps

Our capabilities:

  • Single Identity Management and Enforcement (SSO - Single Sign-On)
  • Data Aggregation from various systems
  • Developing Custom Connectors / APIs for integration
  • Consolidated Dashboards
  • Device / App Management Strategy
  • Reports
Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content needs to be generated, stored, accessed, managed & distributed digitally to users - when and where they need it.

Our capabilities:

  • Enterprise Information Portal
  • Knowledge Management System
  • Web Content Management System
  • Document Management System
  • Workflow Management & Automation
Enterprise Mobility Services

Our enterprise mobility solutions are customized / extended to serve customers in any industry, and address both enterprise and customer-related challenges and opportunities. We extend enterprise applications to mobile platforms which improve productivity, enhance overall customer experience, optimize different business processes as information is available to your employees, customers, partners, vendors - anywhere, anytime.

Our capabilities:

  • Mobile Sales App
  • POS / Payment Apps
  • Field Service App
  • Logistic & Fleet Management App
  • Asset Tracking (RFID / Barcode) App
  • Mobile CRM App
  • Customer Feedback & Loyalty Program Apps
  • Document Management on Mobile
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics Apps
  • Collaboration & Communication Apps
  • M-Commerce Apps
Customer Relation Management

We help enterprises to accelerate their CRM transformation initiative to increase sales, boost productivity of sales team and improve overall customer experience / service – while reducing operational cost and increasing time-to-market.

Our capabilities:

  • CRM Customizations / Implementation
  • Customer Portals
  • Mobile Enablement
Enterprise Collaboration

Implementing different solutions on Mobile, Web OR Cloud across enterprise to increase productivity, collaboration & effective communication.

Our capabilities:

  • Employee Portal
  • Team Sites
  • Document Management System
  • Calendar
  • Groups
  • Forums / Blogs
  • Chat
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is about how we can make any business / organization more intelligent with the use of Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, etc. - enabling them to make more informed decisions & operate more efficiently.

Our capabilities:

  • Data Management (Quality, Integration, Standardization, Consolidation)
  • Information Visualization (Unified view, KPIs, Dashboards, Scorecards, Reports, etc.)
  • Information Delivery (Portals, Data Access Controls)
  • Analytics
  • Chatbots
Cloud Integration Services

We can help you to move your enterprise applications and data to the cloud infrastructure of your choice and provide managed services, support for the same.

Our capabilities:

  • Cloud Integration
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Application Management
  • Cloud Infrastructure Management
Digital Payments / E-Transactions

We have developed several solutions to meet different customer needs in E-Commerce, M-Commerce, in-store POS for making digital payments.

Digital Customer Experience

Every customer expects seamless Omni-channel journey.

We enable enterprise to deliver personalized, responsive, and unified customer experiences across digital and physical channels.

Our capabilities:

  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Brand Design
SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Services

We manage the end-to-end SOA design, implementation and maintenance - tailored to the unique requirements of your organization.

SOA provides a strategic capability for integrating different business processes & data across organization. As interfaces are platform-independent, a client from any device using any operating system in any language can use the service.

Our capabilities:

  • SOA Design
  • SOA Implementation
  • SOA Maintenance & Support
Architecture Transformation Services

In this digital era, many enterprises are going through massive transformation in their IT architectures to drive agility, competitive differentiation and overall cost optimization.

Our capabilities:

  • Perform "AS-IS" Analysis
  • Perform "TO-DO" Analysis
  • Execute / Introduce New IT Architecture
  • Define & Implement IT Architecture Governance model