Difference Between Coding and Programming

July 3, 2020

People often confuse coding and programming and use these two terms interchangeably. Let’s just get this out of the way now — they’re not the same thing, and in fact, they are quite different.

“Coding” and “Programming” are the two most important approaches in Software Development Industries. Coding is basically the process of creating codes from one language to another one. It can also be called as a subset of programming since it actually implements the initial steps of programming.

Programming involves not only coding but also other tasks, such as analyzing and implementing algorithms, understanding data structures, solving problems, and more. Programmers are typically technically-minded and have strong analytical skills.

Let’s try to understand the further differences between the two-

1. Difference Between A Coder And A Programmer

There are plenty of coding lessons and tutorials all over the web that allow learners to master basic coding terminology and learn to write simple apps or websites. On the other hand, programmers need a specialized degree and years of experience to obtain the skills and knowledge that are required to write complex programs.

2. Both Have A Different Scope

When coding, you transform the requirements in a human language into a language that your computer will understand. When programming, you give an app or a machine a set of instructions to be carried out. A programmer is typically responsible for an entire software product whereas a coder is responsible for a certain part or parts of the software product.

3. To Be A Programmer, You Have To Create More

Coders typically follow given instructions and requirements to write code, whereas programmers often use their own imagination and analytical skills to solve specific problems. To be a coder, one should know the syntax, but to be a programmer, one should understand complex data structures and algorithms as well as be able to create such algorithms.

4. Programming Involves Higher-Level Thinking

Another difference between programming and coding is that programming involves a lot of complex thinking. Programmers should be able to come up with abstract solutions to a problem before they even start coding. Besides, they should think proactively and be able to predict as many potential issues as possible. Finally, programmers use code to express their thoughts on how to solve a problem.

Programmers often write or ask technical writers to provide technical specifications – documents containing requirements that the final product should meet and problems that it should solve. Coders then follow those specifications to write code, but do not work on specifications themselves. Programmers are also involved in compiling, debugging, testing, and implementation of the code. In other words, the duties of a programmer can go far beyond coding.

5. Programming Is Creating A Book, Coding Is Writing A Chapter

To find the difference in the programming vs coding discussion, we can compare a programming language to a human language such as English. Such comparison shows that a programmer is a person who knows English perfectly and can produce a lengthy work in English. On the other hand, a coder is a person who knows English at a basic level and can write a short story in English.

Credit: Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs