How to hire the right PPC expert?

March 18, 2021

Though hiring a PPC expert may not sound like a big deal, it is quite a daunting task to find that one expert who can actively manage your Pay Per Click campaigns in the real world. This is crucial because hiring the wrong person can have adverse effects. Reports suggest that 97% of the ad campaigns fail due to inadequate quality of tracking and businesses lose a lot of money investing in the wrong keywords.

Therefore, while hiring PPC experts might not be an easy job; here are some aspects to stay on the look-out for:

1. Shortlisting Potential Experts

Everyone in the market will claim to the best PPC expert. However, you can easily check their claims and shortlist the ones that fit your bill and satisfy your needs. Do not trust your shortlisted PPC experts blindly! There will be more than what meets the eye.

When choosing a PPC expert, list out your expectations and see which ones align perfectly with your plan. Expensive PPC experts do not guarantee results. Also, PPC experts new to the market will be ready to experiment and try dynamic methods to bring results. Therefore, find the one with a healthy balance between experience and working dynamics.

2. Working Methodology

When it comes to quality, you should not be compromising at all. Here’s where you learn your agency’s working methodology in detail and how they maintain their standards when managing a PPC campaign.

Since every project is different, the strategies for every campaign will be different and unique too. Therefore, be sure to ask about the agency’s quality assurance measures when the Google Ads account is set up. Also, make sure adequate resources are allocated for critical tasks like client communication, campaign optimisation, and development, etc.

3. Transparency

If your PPC expert is avoiding answering your questions about maintenance and utilisation, wake up and walk right out of it. You have every right to access this information and agencies are obliged to stay as transparent as possible with the details that they share with you.

As a client, you will have access to each ad account and learn about its progress and cost. For a PPC expert to work like a well-oiled machine, there should be weekly communications related to the campaign instead of a monthly report. Getting the data out in real-time is the key to maintaining transparency between the PPC experts and the client.

4. Long-Term

PPC campaign boostings are never constant. It is more important than ever to prevent malpractices like inserting random dynamic keywords or making use of bad headlines and bad ad copies. Such stringent rules are to be strictly followed to avoid penalties for the client and the PPC expert.

Apart from reviewing and launching campaigns, a PPC expert should evolve according to the nature of the business. They should have a bespoke, long-term plan ready for the business and keep implementing changes as the need arises to maintain an edge over the competitors.


Hiring a PPC expert is no child’s play. Keeping the above-mentioned points in check and you should be able to hire the best PPC expert and get the most out of your PPC campaign. With NeoSOFT, hire a PPC expert who strives to provide personalised services and upholds your business goals throughout the term.


22 Jul, 2024