Tech Startups – An Irresistible Proposal

March 5, 2019

While Startups is the ongoing buzz today, the thrust of tech Startups has been predominantly noticed across the world. The credit could be given to the substantial fodder and fostering environment that the youths receive today at their academia. The seed to launch the next successful Startup is sown here, which gets eager to grow to a sapling!

Well, it is not as rosy as it seems to be and many would agree that raising a Startup is no less than a roller-coaster ride. Fixing upon an unambiguous idea, creating a sustainable vision, approach funding sources (remember, not every Startup can afford to be bootstrap), and working in budget-limits and optimum resources can prove to be a tough juggling job. Simultaneously, financial planning has a crucial role to play in the early stages of the Startup, especially when the cost of human capital and infrastructure keeps growing.

To every problem is a solution, and that’s exactly where ‘Outsourcing’ answers the common woes of the Startups. Much has been spoken about the pros and the cons of outsourcing, but at the onset, this decade-long successful mantra has been beneficial and gained wide popularity. And, today, India happens to be the most widely chosen outsourcing partner and has become a hotbed for offshore software development with an irresistible proposition to offer.

Let’s see how outsourcing addresses the top 3 worries of a Tech Startup-

  • Channelizing the seed-fund effectively: After getting seed-funded through venture capitalists, the ROI timer begins immediately and you are periodically probed for maximum returns within a stipulated time. Here, outsourcing comes to rescue which promises committed deliverables and assures ROI on the money that you invest in outsourcing. Eventually, when each penny of yours begin yielding revenue, the investors also start finding value in your business model.
  • Operational Cost-cutting: Capital expenditure is one of the biggest chunks to manage and you may find hard to minimize this overhead. Setting up an infrastructure, investing in the latest software’s, resources hiring cost, training and retaining them can give a major financial setback to your business. Outsourcing to NeoSOFT Technologies eliminates this problem and with its flexible engagement model, your operational cost gets reduced to almost 300%.
  • Save Time, Energy and Money: The IT environment is highly dynamic and you may never realize the demand for scaling-up or having resources with specialized skills. The need could be contractual or fixed but may change over a period of time. Team augmentation services of NeoSOFT Technologies addresses this and gets you moving by providing dedicated resource(s) who are adroit at the latest technologies and frameworks. Do what you are best at, and outsource the rest! That’s how you can focus on your core business functionalities.

The benefits of outsourcing are wide, but to each one is its own. Hence, cost-cutting cannot be the only criteria while opting for outsourcing. It is important for a business model to analyse individual goals and check what suits them before running to the mill.

NeoSOFT Technologies has been a trusted IT Outsourcing partner for businesses worldwide since 22+ years. We are a leading company to offer flexible engagement options and firmly believe in delivering bespoke solutions so that you get the most after associating with us. Feel free to reach us at and we shall be happy to help you build a promising Start-up of the year!