Top 10 UI Design Kits for iOS and Android Mobile Developers

September 4, 2017

There are many facets of mobile app development, and one of the most important ones that largely contributes to the success of a mobile app is User Interface (UI). UI means the look of your app and how it interacts with users.

If your app has a complex UI that doesn’t let users interact and navigate easily, chances become every high for the users to abandon your app before it even makes a mark in the market. However, you can stop users from jumping onto the apps of your competitors because of UI issues in your app by using a good, reliable UI design kit. A good UI design kit renders a mobile app to have a slick UI that looks attractive and gives rise to good user experience (UX).

That said, I am presenting a list of top 10 UI design kits for iOS and Android Mobile developers.

In case, you need an app for your business, but don’t have expertise to develop it or can’t afford to have a team of expert developers, you can find a saviour in outsourcing. For instance, many software/app development firms have become very popular in the past recent years, providing top-notch solutions for complex app/website development requirements.

Top 10 UI Design Kits for iOS and Android Mobile Developers

Phoenix UI: Vol 1 (for iOS only)

Phoenix UI is an awesome UI kit for iOS mobile app developers. The kit offers twelve individual screens that allow you to harness the full potential of Photoshop and Sketch. Those who love Instagram could use the first screen for community sharing, including photos, tags, comments, etc. Other screens include a user profile screen, allowing users to check messages in inbox and customise their profile preferences. There is also a screen for fitness applications and a calendar lets team members to tag themselves in the events. You get two screen options with Phoenix UI: Minimal light and Minimal Dark.

Android Material Design (for Android only)

Most Android designers use Android Material Design to build interfaces for tablets and smartphones. PSDs makes Android Material Design a popular choice in addition to individual screen for each element. The kit enables designers to use Android system for creating user-friendly apps with material design.

Fair Mobile UI Kit (for Android only)

Fair Mobile UI Kit makes it easy for designers to create mobile app prototypes with more than 140 individual app screens. You can edit all of them as per your requirements before publishing on your apps. Designers can use the kit, which features 22 signup and login screens, 13 walkthrough screens, and 25 blogging and content reader screens, to create user-friendly and interactive apps.

Music App UI (for iOS only)

Music App UI is a kit for iOS developers who want to create UI of an iOS music app. This kit gives access to beautiful mobile templates and allows to create interfaces that enhance user engagement. It presents no hassles to integrate with the newest iOS design modules. Precise designing is what that makes Music App UI get a place in the list of top 10 UI Design Kits for mobile apps.

AwesomeKit – Mobile Prototyping Kit (for iOS only)

AwesomeKit brings iPhone and iPad designers hundred unique UI and UX elements to prototype their apps. No matter what type your app is, AwesomeKit prototypes all and lets you convert them into a fully functional app. AwesomeKit offers free designs to create a decent prototype, which saves the company both time and money.

Azure UI Kit (for Websites and Mobile Apps)

Azure UI Kit is a perfect fit for those looking for store and content features. Azure UI Kit fulfills not only content-release needs of your app, but provides an e-commerce platform as well. With this kit, designers can easily integrate different styles for e-commerce, blog/magazine, widgets, forms, navigation, headers, footers, etc.

Flat Mobile App UI (for Android and iOS)

Flat Mobile App UI is meant for those mobile apps that deal with food. However, designers can also edit the PSDs to make it a fit for social network. A plethora of screens are available to choose from to find a perfect niche for your food related project. The kit offers customized solutions with clean design and easy coding.

Elegance UI kit (for iOS only)

iOS designers can use Elegance in both Photoshop and Sketch formats. Elegance UI Kit sports 12 individual PSD screens that are suitable for projects related to fashion and apparel. The kit features 750 x 1334 crystal clear screens and gives an option to fully customize the color structure. Elegance is popular for providing awe-inspiring designs for shopping apps.

Ventas Mobile App UI Kit

Ventas Mobile App UI kit is used by designers to create app UI for bloggers and readers who love to share their experiences, especially travel-related ones. The kit comes with 6 fully customizable screens to help create a prototype for your own mobile blog. Using Ventas, you can ensure that content of your app is easy to read, providing nice user experience (UX).

Routes UI kit (for iOS only)

Routes has seven categories, including traveling, online shopping, user profiles, social media, signup and login forms, menu items, and walkthrough forms. The design kit is available in vector design and scales as per requirement. The seven categories of the kit distribute more than 100 high-quality screens among themselves. So, iOS designers can choose a unique style for their app to give it a look and feel that attract users, without having ostentatious colors.

UI design is an inextricable part of app development, which requires not only understanding of designs, but understanding of customer behavior as well. The above mentioned UI kits are being built after taking into account the preferences of mobile users. You can choose one of them after having figured out the requirements of your app and target audience to make it a hit.