Top 5 Node.js frameworks for developers

September 4, 2017

A majority of JavaScript developers last year experienced some major challenges. If you are a developer, then you must know that ECMA Script 6 was finally standardised and published. Many renowned compilers as well as web browsers are working very hard to adapt the latest changes and regulations. It is more or less necessary to immerse yourself within a strong and systematic guide, which discusses all the facets of latest standard.

Handpicked Node.js frameworks just for you

With the ongoing Node.js, JavaScript technology has come to the mainstream. JavaScript was already a popular programming language — widely used by millions of developers in browsers. However, with Node.js, the run-time language has found a new way to server-side applications, and minimise the difficulty of using two different languages at same platforms. It has single threaded event loop as well as asynchronous and non-blocking input or output processing characteristic that distinguishes it from other runtime scenarios.

The opportunity is increasing by leaps and bounds with many valuable contributions, from the community of developers to technology specialists. We have seen many performance driven frameworks utilising primary principles as well as approaches of Node.js. Here, we are discussing some of the rated Node.js frameworks that have extended its core functionality and have built latest features.


Hapi.js is one of the most powerful Node.js web frameworks for creating or building the application program interfaces, shortly known as APIs. It is also good for building other software applications. The framework has a strong plugin system and different features, some of them are, input validation, configuration based functionality, logging and error handling among various others.

Hapi.js is widely used by thousands of developers for designing useful applications. Also, it is preferable to use for giving technology solutions by many large-scale websites such as PayPal and Walmart.

Features of Hapi.js:

  • Especially good for passing around a DB connection
  • Known as go-to-technology for both startups and enterprises
  • Works as a stable, secure solution as well as helps deploying application
  • Good structure to work in a team is a powerful Node.js, a great server framework for creating or building real-time web applications. As a strong JavaScript library, it allows developers to build event-driven, bi-directional communication between the Web clients and service in a quick and easy way.

This framework not only allows real-time concurrency for the sake of document collaboration but also exchange the key features, like asynchronous input or output processing and binary streaming.

Features of

  • Enables interaction between a browser and a node.js server
  • Good for the purpose of http
  • Wonderful real-time web application
  • Works well as a client-side library that runs in the browser as well as a server-side library for the purpose of Node.js


Express.js is among the most popular and important web frameworks for Node.js developments. Many developers say it is a useful minimalist framework for creating or building a web host as well as mobile applications and helpful for building application programming interfaces, shortly known as APIs. Many applications are there have used express.js, some of them are MySpace, and

This Node.js framework offers a wide range of features such as temple engines and database integration.

Features of Express.js:

  • Powerful and useful minimalist framework to create a web host and mobile application
  • Good for temple engines and database integration
  • Affective standard server framework for Node.js


Mojito is the best JavaScript framework, which is based on Yahoo, cocktails and another most powerful mobile application development platform produced by Yahoo Developer Network.

The best part of using Mojito is that it runs on both client- and server-side, browser and Node.js. Many developers use this framework because client as well as server components both are written in JS and Mojito is good for them. It is a powerful model-view controller framework, offering a range of features.

Features of Mojito:

  • Good for convenient data fetching
  • Perfect for the purpose of local development environment as well as tools
  • Designed for integrated unit testing
  • Suitable for simplifying library internationalisation and localisation


Meteor is a very useful open source MVC (model view controller) Node.js framework used for building websites, web and mobile applications. The majority of developers these days use this Node.js framework for various purposes including web application development.

This framework supports macOS, Linux and Windows. Its reactive programming model helps building applications using powerful lesser JavaScript code. Further, it is a highly popular powerful framework for creating real-time applications.

Features of Meteor:

  • Good for rapid prototyping and produces cross-platform code
  • Can be used with any JS UI
  • Supports OS X, Linux and Windows
  • Quickly integrated with MongoDB

Web and application development landscape is changing rapidly. Developers in different parts of the world are shifting to Node.js frameworks for easy, clean and quick project delivery.

One of the biggest advantages of using Node.js frameworks is the high-level output and structure. You can easily focus on scaling your application instead of spending efforts in creating and defining the basics.


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