Data Center Management

We manage Data Centers and IT environments in a relatively straightforward but personalized way to ensure that tasks such as data backup migration and optimization, disaster recovery solutions, AD/LDAP services, data center modernization, and remote monitoring are fine-tuned to meet your unique business needs.

Infrastructure Analytics

NeoSOFT’s infrastructure analytics helps you lower your operational costs, allocate greater emphasis on your core business, and obtain higher efficiencies through rigorous process analysis and enhancement. Our customers benefit from improved efficiencies and productivity along with accessibility to information wherever they are, with proper authentication.

ITIL Process Design

A robust and practical ITIL process enables you to maintain that necessary technology by establishing best practices and procedures. Our clients have leveraged our skills in ITIL process design to reduce ownership costs, make informed decisions and deliver quality customer experiences to grow their businesses.

Network and Security

Our highly skilled team combines experience and best-in-class resources and we are recognized for our superior skills in network design, configuration and implementation, security vulnerabilities, network protocol implementation, authentication and authorization, and audits by our customers in banking, manufacturing, banking, e-commerce, healthcare, retail, SaaS, and sectors.

Enterprise System Management

The role of Enterprise System Management becomes indispensable as your company grows. NeoSOFT is reputed for its capabilities in this space, offering a range of software solutions to support the complex requirements of your business, especially if it is multifaceted and geographically dispersed. Our solutions facilitate enhanced planning, productivity, scalability, better performance insights, and data-driven business decisions.

Application Operations

Linking applications and infrastructure is key to obtaining an integrated, realistic, and agile perspective of your business. NeoSOFT has an excellent track record in implementing top-quality methodologies building a business infrastructure, models, and processes to create robust, accountable standardization as well as faster problem resolution.

Hybrid Cloud Services

NeoSOFT can help you accelerate your cloud initiatives with hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure solutions. Our Infrastructure Management includes seamlessly implementing design, deployment, and migration services. Our Managed Services also come standard with cloud automation, support, and security.

Managed Services

NeoSOFT is one of the leading players in the Infrastructure Management Services space and covers the entire spectrum of IT infrastructure – cloud computing, DevOps consultancy, digital workplace solutions, network & security, data center management, service integration, etc.