Infrastructure Analytics

NeoSOFT’s infrastructure analytics lowers operational costs and improves efficiency through rigorous process analysis and improvement, enabling focus on core business. Our customers benefit from improved productivity, accessibility to information, and proper authentication.

ITIL Process Design

Implement a robust and practical ITIL process with best practices and procedures that maintain necessary technology. Our clients have leveraged our ITIL process design skills to reduce costs and deliver customer experiences for excellent outcomes.

Network and Security

Our highly skilled development team blends experience and top-notch resources, excelling in network design, configuration, security, protocols, and audits. Our satisfied customers from the banking, manufacturing, e-commerce, healthcare, retail, and SaaS sectors recognize our superior skills.

Application Operations

Our service integration, management, consulting, and assessment framework solutions can help enterprises in various ways such as optimizing service delivery, reducing operational costs, improving service quality, enhancing customer satisfaction, and enabling faster problem resolution.

Managed IMS Services

NeoSOFT is one of the leading players in the Managed IMS Services space and covers the entire spectrum of IT infrastructure – cloud computing, DevOps consultancy, digital workplace solutions, network & security, data center management, service integration, etc.