The Popular Android App Trends for the Year 2018

The digital world is a dynamic one. Year after year, month after month, we see developments and concepts yet unheard of before. The world of Android App is no different. With more than a whooping 2.6 million apps on the Play Store, as of March 2018 and many more being added every single day, this sure is no easy field to survive in. Developers and business, both need to make sure their app is up to the mark with the growing advancement in this particular industry. One good way of staying afloat in this digital landscape is to stay up to date with popular trends.

At NeoSoft Technologies, we bring forth some of the popular android app trends that has dominated 2018 and is still going strong as the year approaches its close.

1. Instant Apps
Google, in a landmark move, in October 2017, launched its Android Instant Apps. A year later, this is well on its way on revolutionizing how the world uses mobile apps. Users seldom have regular need of those features laden, space consuming apps. They might need an app once in a while or might need a limited few features of a given app. If the app that you are developing or your business needs is not something that is used frequently, it might see a decline in user downloads. Hence, making the frequently used parts of your app available on Google Instant Apps will allow you to stay afloat in a market that is miser about its storage space.

2. Internet of Things
The digital world is no longer an abstract concept hiding behind our PC monitor’s screen. It is as real as anything else and with the growing advent of Internet of Things, we are now living, breathing part of this digital world. Everyday objects like AC, Television, Cars, Stereo, refrigerator, everything is a part of internet connectivity that has made using them more and more convenient for us. Internet is no longer confined to the businesses related to computers and mobiles but is a thriving entity for almost every day to day product. So, no matter what kind of android development company you are affiliated to, or what kind of business you own, developing an app that can help your user connect to your product with ease will definitely give your business a boost.

3. AR/VR
Some might argue that AR and VR don’t form that big a market in the tech world, the truth is the first quarter of 2018 saw in an increase in the market and sales of VR and AR and the trend continued strong throughout 2018. When it comes to gaming apps, VR and AR compatibility is the trend to look out for this year.

4. Machine Learning and AI
Machine Learning is but one of the many aspects of AI that saw increased application and usage in different android apps. From biometrics and face recognition to countless other things, machine learning has integrated itself thoroughly in the daily routine of the mobile users. Finding and using different aspect of AI and Machine Learning is perhaps the need of the hour for Android developers because this is where the trends show the future resides.

5. ChatBot
Perhaps another usage of AI, app users these days are more attracted towards an interactive platform. Users in general prefer 24/7 service and interaction with business in question, usually via messaging apps. Both of these demands can be met by integrating chat bots in your app. They have found applications in various sectors like online retail, healthcare, banking, government agencies, telecommunications etc. With the growing advancement in this fairly new technology, this is one of the most promising and rewarding android development trends seen in 2018.

When you are working in the digital world where one Gregorian year is equal to almost four digital years with its ever advancing technology and trends changing by the minutes, staying up to date is a must. Beside the five trends mentioned here, 2018 saw many trends in the field of android app development like cloud based application, on demand apps, mobile blockchain, new languages like Kotlin and much more. With the rate at which the online platform is evolving, ignoring these trends and not staying up to date might end up making your app obsolete in comparison to what the next-gen technology has to offer to the digital landscape.

At NeoSoft Technologies, an emerging Android development company, you can hire android app developers who are not only skilled and proficient in their work but are also up to date with the digital future. It is time to build your business an app that is as ready to tackle the future market place as it can be, because we all know, the next target demographic is online.