On-Demand Development

NeoSOFT’s industry-agnostic technology blueprint for on-demand applications such as web or mobile solutions is engineered with custom front-end UI, advanced admin dashboards, powerful analytics panels, business insights, geo-location, payment gateway integration, and many more. From a user-friendly interface for listing properties to managing inventory and reporting, NeoSOFT helps land realtors streamline their business and offer a better customer experience.

  • Property management solutions
  • Auction/reverse auction applications
  • Mortgage applications
  • Multiple listing platforms (MLS)
  • RPA solutions

CRM for Real Estate

Managing relationships and day-to-day coordination between buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, developers, and financial institutions can be a daunting task. We engineer CRM solutions for real estate agencies of all sizes and help them automate and drive flexibility in their daily operations. From managing incoming requests to preparing price quotes, from selling commercial real estate to property management, our meticulously designed CRMs are built to drive better ROI and boost productivity.

  • Accelerate sales and deal management
  • Invoicing and billing tools
  • Automation of marketing activities
  • Data-visualization and dashboards
  • Electronic document flow

ERP Solutions

NeoSOFT’s expertise in ERP integration and maintenance has been helping the real estate industry to automate and streamline its business functions. With centralized architecture and real-time data automation, our ERP solutions ensure scalability and drive value to every business function. Our ERP and SAP systems skills facilitate the management of day-to-day operations, including lease administration, online payments, and business intelligence.

  • Efficient management of large-scale portfolios
  • Generation of new business opportunities
  • Real-time tracking of performance metrics
  • Enhanced customer engagement and support

AR/VR for Real Estate

Leveraging the potential of AR/VR technology, NeoSOFT has been driving innovation by creating immersive journeys and perspectives for potential buyers. With the help of best-of-breed technologies that support enabling a virtual environment, our AR/VR services facilitate creating heightened brand value and an inexorable whirl in the market.

  • Virtual reality property tours
  • 3D building display
  • Animated tours
  • AR for brochures/plans
  • Geolocated AR