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Press Releases

The education sector saw a massive upheaval in the previous year and a half. In trying to resume classes, educators and institutions were seen implementing technology in multiple ways trying to find a medium that works the best. One mode of learning that has garnered a lot of positive attention...

Shahid Akhter spoke to Nishant Rathi, Founder & CEO of NeoSOFT Technologies, to know more about the potential and scope of Blockchain possibilities in healthcare. Does Blockchain hold the potential to validate vaccine, PPE supply chain and ventilators? Blockchain along...

Olympics is one such event that everyone is glued to and the Tokyo Olympics 2020 is no different. This year, even before the games began, adhering to pandemic norms and conducting an event of this magnitude became the talk of the town. As we continue to fight this pandemic, technology has proved to...

Since the start of the pandemic, organizations have had to implement remote-working in various forms, with many settling down to hybrid arrangements involving a mixture of Work-From-Home and work-from-office based on necessity and rostering. What are finer points of hybrid-working that...

With people shifting to the work-from-home model owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, things have undergone a host of changes in everyone’s lives. However, with restrictions being eased as cases dip, the focus is now on hybrid models. Nishant Rathi, the founder and CEO of NeoSOFT Technologies...

Blockchain is the technology that enabled the Bitcoin transactions popularised in 2009. It can be visualised as a digital ledger that is maintained and visible to everyone across the network. With its core function to provide a decentralised collection of records that cannot be changed or...

The fundamental idea underneath the entire social media industry is maximizing engagement. The need for personalized communication and socialization is never going to run out. With technology changing the face of the digital world, it opens up new opportunities for a range of new platforms in the...

Technology for MSMEs: MSMEs are the pillars of the Indian economy contributing to an over 40 per cent share in the country’s GDP and employment. To add further, a number as loud as 56 million MSME entrepreneurs showcases the capabilities of Indian entrepreneurs to innovate and create products...

With no signs of the Covid-19 crisis abating, students and parents are bracing up for another summer spent in the confines of their homes. When, during the previous summer we were still hoping for things to get normal in another month or so, this time around we are better prepared. While vaccines...