DevOps Practices

NeoSOFT adopts a DevOps mindset throughout the web product development journey, breaking down department silos and improving collaboration, speed, and quality. Our web developers introduce agility and the best DevOps practices and tools to deliver unmatched business outcomes.

Frontend Development

We believe every software product should deliver a great customer experience for internal and external use, requiring a rich UI. Our UI/UX experts develop robust UI strategies using JavaScript, React Native, Angular, and more to ensure a frictionless front-end experience.

Backend Development

Our backend developers specialize in microservices-based architecture, evaluating automation, scalability, performance, and third-party integration. We use top-class tech stacks and full-stack development tailored to the project for building robust backend systems.

Web 2.0/3.0/4.0 sites

Our web developers create Web 2.0/3.0/4.0 sites transforming the web from information to service-oriented, community-based. Semantic tagging and microformats are key tech pillars. Web 3.0 apps prompt e-business restructuring, retain customers and gain a competitive edge.