DevOps Practices

NeoSOFT adopts a DevOps mindset while aligning every single aspect of the web product development journey. Introducing agility, enhanced collaboration, and implementing the best DevOps tools and practices, our developers break the department silos and inject speed and quality into the software development process. The bottom-line objective is to deliver business value at an unmatched speed.

Frontend Development

We believe that every software product should drive a great customer experience, be it internal or external, for which a rich UI is imperative. Our UI/UX experts implement a meticulously drafted UI strategy to ensure a great UX. Our team leverages JavaScript, React Native, Angular, and other front-end technologies to deliver an impeccable front-end experience.

Backend Development

Adopting a microservices-based architecture we specialize in developing robust web backend systems. Factors such as scalability, automation, multi-tenancy, third-party app integration, analytics, and reporting are some of the key aspects that are evaluated in order to ensure a flawless product. We leverage top-class and need-mapped tech stack and programming language while solutioning the web project.

Web 2.0/ 3.0 / 4.0 sites

Web 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0 Sites are primarily responsible to shift the web from an informational medium to a service-oriented, community-based medium and sharing the same technology pillars of Semantic tagging and microformats. Forcing e-businesses to restructure their business process, web 3.0 applications help to retain customers and gain competitive advantages.

Custom Application Development

NeoSOFT offers full-cycle web development services which span from custom development, and integration to maintenance. We take into consideration the foundational purpose or the objective of clients and provide a thorough consultation as we devise a production roadmap for the web product. Engineering more than 800+ web products we have successfully deployed responsive solutions over diverse platforms.

Enterprise Business Solutions

As a leading website development company, NeoSOFT provides Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) service to its clients across the globe to effectively develop, maintain and run their mission-critical web applications. We transform the way small, medium & large enterprises conduct their business with customers/clients, vendors/suppliers, partners, and employees in this digital age.