Merchandising & Sports Commerce

Merchanding & sports commerce is on the rise and has opened up a world of possibilities in the domain. With NeoSOFT, we help you create a customer-centric sporting solution through eCommerce platforms that allow you to sell merchandise products and services such as sporting gear, apparel, and accessories. We strive to provide a superior fan experience by completely digitally transforming your selling space into an interactive online product-selling gateway, increasing fan engagement, expediting conversions and sales, and cultivating a community.

  • eCommerce/mCommerce solutions
  • Virtual Merchandising
  • Improve conversions & sales
  • Omni-channel distribution

Sports Ticketing and Venue Management

At NeoSOFT, we embrace simplistic, modern, next-gen digital approaches. We have a dedicated team of developers working towards a hassle-free interface to streamline the booking experience for various sporting activities, tournaments, events, and many more. We assist in managing the booking and scheduling of venues and space, however big or small, and secure your payment through a third-party payment gateway. We help venue operators leverage real-data and historical attendance data to make informed staffing, security, and catering decisions.

  • Stadium-wide ERP applications
  • Exclusive sport event hosting & online booking systems
  • Data analytics & visualization systems
  • Digital banners & indoor navigation solutions
  • Biometrics, RFID tags

Event Transport Automation

Since the dawn of modern man, humans have leveraged machines to create efficiencies in their work. Today, as transportation advances toward the movement of goods, companies will likely need vehicles that operate themselves. NeoSOFT powers a comprehensive variety of sports management services, transforming every aspect of sports to aid in development, profitability, and efficiency. We provide a flawless transportation experience by utilizing a variety of technological apps and tailored solutions. From streamlining sports operations, to eliminating the hassle of transporting attendees and players, NeoSOFT has got you covered.

  • Intelligent automation
  • Autonomuos/robotics solutions
  • Use of AI to drive more value to rule-based automation
  • Drive enhanced analytics

Sports Concierge

With 25 years of excellence, NeoSOFT is among the leading tech tycoons to provide hand-crafted online sports concierge services tailored to event-related needs by leveraging digital solutions and agile methodologies. Among our numerous offerings are transportation assistance, hotel and booking, legal and financial services, food & catering services, and other services for sports stars, sports attendees, and VIPs.

  • Browser & mobile compatibility
  • Third-party integrations like SMS gateways, payment gateways
  • Increased subscriptions
  • Integration of auto-emailing functionality

Sports Analytics

NeoSOFT thrives on quality as we specialize in complex data processing and integration, be it small or large scale. Our digital solutions are spread across the length and width of the sports industry providing quality-driven data and analytics. From gathering valuable sports-related data, evaluating sports metrics, and studying player performance to simply understanding game patterns and creating reports, we have you covered!

  • Wearable technology
  • Embedded sensors: hardware-specific, fabric-based
  • BI dashboards
  • Video data processing
  • Native and cross-platform mobile apps

Sports Fan Engagement

Since the revolution of new-gen technology, fan engagement — especially digital fan engagement — has become essential to sports marketers since there are multiple ways for fans to reach out to their favorite sport, team, and players. NeoSOFT collaborates with stadiums, TV channels, sports teams, and others to engage viewers and sports amateurs watching broadcasts at home. Additionally, we support brands monetizing digital content, distributing merchandise, and connecting with millions of fans around the world.

  • Loyalty programs
  • Content delivery networks
  • Contextual advertising
  • Social media platforms

OTT/Live Streaming Solutions

OTT (Over-The-Top) live-streaming services have completely changed the way people watch television. They allow you to stream video services directly to your TV, laptop, or mobile device. In this constantly evolving world, as we keep up with the trending products, NeoSOFT powers your live streaming presence with our digital solutions allowing you to webcast across all devices for ease and convenience. We provide a wide array of live streaming solutions connecting you with numerous content across all the OTT platforms. Attendees can enjoy watching tournaments, matches, sports events, and much more from the comfort of their own homes.

  • OTT, VoD, 360°, streaming solutions
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Amplified reach & visibility
  • Future-proof & scalable solutions