Usability Testing

Our approach to usability testing is experiential. We design scenarios and experiment with actual users from the target industry. Feedback is then provided to the design teams to refine and finalize product designs.

UX Design

Blending colors, illustrations, and typography, we adhere to your brand/style guidelines and keep a design thinking and an iterative approach to humanize digital products, services, and experiences.

UX Experience

User experience is about more than just how easy the application is to use and how nice it looks. UX spans the range of visual design, content, interaction design, navigation, features, and context to deliver a satisfying interaction and transaction experience for the user.

UX Research

We do a thorough goal analysis, personas, workflow & competitor benchmarking to derive useful insights on user behaviors and their needs; and interpret the findings to feed the product designing process.

UI and UX Consulting

NeoSOFT UX consultants bring along decades of UX consulting experience and are quite thorough with user research, connecting business objectives with user experiences, and following a comprehensive UX design process for optimal design solutions.