Developed a seamless learning experience via a user-centric LMS

NeoSOFT’s team of experts engineered an Android application to build an LMS that simplifies the learning experience and makes it more interactive, convenient, and value-driven. This digital product was an end-to-end development that included building user journeys, frontend, backend, and database engineering, and has been hosted on the Azure cloud.


Increased User Subscribers

A digital platform for a reputed bank that automates the loan lifecycle

With the goal of minimizing paperwork and manual processing, NeoSOFT developed a modern-age web portal for a leading bank that lends different types of loans. The portal offers the client’s users a wide range of functionalities and automates the entire online loan application process. This was further augmented by the implementation of a fraud control unit for maximizing the portal’s security and keeping sensitive user data from being at risk.


Increased Customer Engagement

Taking retail automation and shopping convenience to the next level using AI & IoT

Designed for any retailer, NeoSOFT developed a fully automatic store that integrates in-store Sensor Fusion with AI technology. The interconnection of multi-camera, multi-person tracking, real-time product recognition, and live inventory tracking enhanced the customer’s experience and also excluded fiat currency as a payment option.


Enhanced Customer Experience

A direct-to-consumer customized telemedicine application for the doctor-patient community

Engineered a robust solution that offers users 24×7 availability to healthcare, diagnosis, medical insurance, and e-prescriptions with on-demand service and appointment scheduling. The application enables patients to connect with board-certified, experienced medical providers and features a remote communication option via audio, video calls, and text conversations.


New Customer Acquisition