Developed a seamless learning experience via a user-centric LMS

We’re a leading mobile app development company with a team of developers who have built over 1500+ award-winning iOS and Android apps. The Android LMS app simplifies the learning experience, making it more interactive, convenient, and value-driven. An end-to-end mobile app development solution on Azure cloud architecture uses the latest front-end and back-end technologies to map app user journeys.


Increased User Subscribers

A digital platform for a reputed bank that automates the loan lifecycle

Our code development minimizes paperwork and manual processing to help build progressive apps. Our mobile app developers engineered a loan-processing web app for a leading bank. The digital platform offers the end users various functionalities and automates the entire online loan application process. A fraud control unit maximizes the portal’s security and protects sensitive user data.


Increased Customer Engagement

Taking retail automation and shopping convenience to the next level using AI & IoT

Designed for any retailer, NeoSOFT developed a fully automatic store that integrates in-store Sensor Fusion with AI technology. The interconnection of multi-camera, multi-person tracking, real-time product recognition, and live inventory tracking enhanced the customer’s experience and excluded fiat currency as a payment option.


Enhanced Customer Experience

A direct-to-consumer customized telemedicine app for the doctor-patient community

Engineered a robust solution that offers users 24×7 availability to healthcare, diagnosis, medical insurance, and e-prescriptions with on-demand service and appointment scheduling. The web application enables patients to connect with board-certified, experienced medical providers and features a remote communication option via audio, video calls, and text conversations.


New Customer Acquisition