Back-End Development

The heart of any application is the back-end system that powers it. NeoSOFT’s Back-End Development services are designed to provide robust, scalable, and secure systems that communicate with each other. We build and deploy both on-premise and cloud-based back-end solutions tailored to your business’s growing needs.

QA & Testing

NeoSOFT QA and Testing services help you identify defects and errors in your applications before and after deployment. Our experts verify that the software works as intended, unlocking benefits such as bug prevention, enhanced performance, and lower development costs.

Security & Compliance

Application security is moved to the forefront, becoming the new frontier of modern-day compliance. Our application development services comply with the most secure development practices. This standardizes application security and eliminates the cost of fixing issues arising from security vulnerabilities in the future.

API Development & Integration

Deploy well-tested APIs to combine multiple services and features or build new ones from the ground up. We extend the capability of existing applications by adding new, third-party functionalities. We also help you integrate APIs with other back-end systems, mobile apps, and cloud services for an enhanced user experience.

IoT Applications

NeoSOFT’s IoT experts build futuristic and self-tracking apps for IoT devices such as wearables, home appliances, and industrial machines. We drive a hyper-connected ecosystem with apps that are predictive, intuitive, and user-friendly. Our IoT developers create powerful architectures that can manage massive data influx and enable quick decision-making.

Progressive Web Applications

NeoSOFT helps you design and develop cutting-edge Progressive Web Applications that run faster, boost conversions, and improve customer satisfaction with superior UX. We understand user needs, prepare roadmaps that account for business goals, and use the best technologies to help you leapfrog your competition.

Responsive Web Applications

Our Responsive Web Application services help you deploy smart applications with responsive layout UI components that enable cross-platform compatibility. NeoSOFT experts determine the best development path, build responsive web apps, redesign existing web apps, and migrate web apps to the latest technologies.