A solution to design and manage involving Machine Learning tools for you to generate tangible business value from your ML models with the help of repeatable and efficient workflows. Our experts ensure optimal model version control, infrastructure management, and best-in-class model training while taking care of security and governance at every step.

Model Generation and Testing

Execute test-driven development in tandem with powerful machine learning models to build new-age AI-powered applications that are reliable, accurate, and scalable. We help you build models that are easy to interpret and offer high predictive accuracy. Enabling a robust testing infrastructure we take your machine learning models from development to production with ease.

Statistical Analysis

To find the most essential factors, identify outliers, and establish trends we leverage AI to perform multivariate analysis and dimensionality reduction along with hypothesis testing. Banking on clever algorithms, powerful computing resources, and years of experience, our experts help you take your business to the next level with AI-powered statistical analysis.

AI Feature Engineering

Unleash the power of data with AI-powered feature engineering where NeoSOFT’s experts identify and extract relevant features from various data types such as text, images, audios, videos, and time series for machine learning models. We help you select, manipulate, and transform raw data into features to be utilized in supervised learning.

AI for BPA and Redesign

Deploy AI-powered Business Process Assessment (BPA) and Business Process Redesign tools to unearth hidden operational inefficiencies, challenges, and process improvements. NeoSOFT’s AI experts enable you to take a data-driven approach to business processes while focusing on relevant KPIs such as time quality, customer satisfaction, value, project scope, and schedule goals.

AI for Risk and Compliance

Adopt AI-powered compliance strategies to avoid regulatory penalties, safeguard customer data, and protect your business reputation. NeoSOFT enables you to implement enterprise-wide risk management processes with the right technology stack and frameworks that let you stay on top of even nuanced regulatory changes.

AI Development and Integration

Work with our experts to experiment with the latest AI technologies and capabilities to unearth brand new avenues of discovery & analysis, proofs-of-concept, performance engineering, application enhancement, and more. Reap the benefits of AI with NeoSOFT’s personalized AI development, cross-platform integration, and ML workflow optimization.

AI-Powered Data Management

Focusing on data governance, locality, durability, scalability, and integration, we help you achieve intelligent data management through an AI-powered data lake, warehouse, and a comprehensive end-to-end solution. The goal is to maximize the accuracy and performance of database queries, data processing, and analytics.

AI Consultation

With an AI infrastructure plan and roadmap that is geared to deploy futuristic algorithms, we cover the core fundamentals of AI strategy, to establish an intelligent enterprise. With an AI-centric data center innovation lab, you are primed to create a lasting framework to leverage every possible AI opportunity.