Cloud Security

We take a programmatic approach to cloud security to offer your organization a more cohesive strategy for optimal cloud utilization. We set up a full-proof encryption mechanism to ensure cloud data security. You can prevent unauthorized access to sensitive business data and maintain data integrity.

Cloud Orchestration

Our team leverages the latest advances in automation to enhance cloud services. Through our Cloud Orchestration services, we manage multiple cloud workloads and synchronize them into a single workflow. We help you reduce the turnaround time with comprehensive monitoring and automated strategies.

Cloud DevOps

Our market-leading Cloud DevOps services help you automate your cloud infrastructure to ensure continuous delivery and continuous integration to reduce the time-to-market of your solutions. We streamline your cloud ecosystem with efficient CI/CD pipelines and help you achieve the desired outcomes.

Cloud Optimization

NeoSOFT aims to harmoniously integrate your business processes with efficient cloud environments to help you achieve expected business outcomes. Through our cloud optimization services, we analyze and configure the allocation of cloud resources to improve business applications and infrastructures.

Cloud Migration

NeoSOFT offers a comprehensive cloud migration framework to bring industrialized capabilities together with exclusive pre-configured industry-specific tools across all cloud models and multiple delivery methods. Our cloud experts define customized migration strategies for a cloud service provider of your choice.

Cloud Consulting

With our innovative and tech-driven Cloud Consulting services, we assess your current cloud infrastructure and detect areas for improvement. Our experienced cloud engineers have helped global organizations to achieve optimal cloud performance with exploratory evaluations and cloud value assessments.