Integration Management

From configuring Hadoop clusters and Big Data Application Integration Services to Integration with existing Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Sources, building a real-time data pipeline, and migrating from Relational DB to NoSQL, our integration management solutions empower business managers and data analysts with information to make better business decisions.

AI Centre of Excellence

NeoSOFT’s AI Centre of Excellence comprises technical experts who advise and steer AI projects for clients by incorporating computer vision, machine learning, RPA (robotic process automation), intelligent process design, and natural language processing. We are well known for our domain skills in developing implementation roadmaps – including the tools and technologies needed, analytics optimization, governance frameworks, setting KPIs, etc.

Business Intelligence

Proactive implementation of data visualization and automation are integral tools and technologies used to enhance your business intelligence process. We are known for offering businesses actionable insights through data processing and analysis, benchmarking, enterprise reporting, performance management tools, etc.

Operational Analytics

NeoSOFT has extensive capabilities in Enterprise Operational Analytics and uses advanced data mining and data aggregation tools to help you derive more transparent info to support your business planning. Our efficiencies in Operational Analytics allow you to convert insights into actions automatically and offer guidance for performing faster, more targeted analysis.

Time Series Forecasting

Whether it’s the stock closing prices, weekly inventories, yearly sales, or other critical business data, our expert Time Series Forecasting services implement machine learning and other latest technologies to help you find patterns, clean your data, and keep your business better prepared for the future.

Predictive Analytics

The NeoSOFT Data Science and Analysis team has consistently delivered a novel, cutting-edge Predictive Analytics Solutions to assist clients in diverse sectors to make apt predictions using new-age tools and methodologies. Our expertise in this space spans content analysis, machine learning, data mining, predictive modeling, data optimization, etc.

Data Science Consultation

Our pragmatic, scalable, and cost-effective data science consultation services empower businesses by leveraging big data into actionable insights with consultation right from assessment to capacity planning and strategy, defining data storage practices and data integration processes along the way.