DevOps Enablement

Our DevOps enablement services help take a proactive approach to problems, inject speed and quality into the software development process, and turn your focus on customer experience. With continuous innovation at the helm, we implement test automation and service virtualization to help you achieve rapid feedback cycles.

DevOps As A Service

NeoSOFT dedicated DevOps experts align every aspect of your software development process with business objectives to increase your agility. With DevOps as a Service, we foster a culture of hyper collaboration that brings down departmental silos, lowers the failure rate of new releases, and significantly reduces the lead time of new releases.

DevOps Consulting

Adopting a DevOps mindset that fosters an agile and collaborative environment, our DevOps consultation services focus on implementing advanced DevOps practices and tools, addressing technical debt, enhancing application quality, optimizing the use of resources, and making organizations ready to deliver business value at breakneck speed.