Team Augmentation

Our support services, offshore teams, and dedicated software developers augment your in-house skillsets to reduce development costs and improve product quality and speed. We work closely on customized team composition and a culture fit for your product development.

Product Sustenance

Extend the lives of your products and improve profitability, retain existing customers, and keep the product experience intact. We help you maintain SLAs and customer loyalty all the way to transitioning onto the next generation.

Quality Assurance

Ensure that every software or application meets standardized quality specifications with end-to-end quality assurance and testing support. Our experts help you gain more predictability, improve the overall performance of your products, and achieve better ROIs by reducing the cost of testing.

Legacy Modernization

Our dedicated support for data migration, re-platforming, and microservices can help make legacy applications agile in the cloud era. Our product development services reduce obsolete operating costs, optimize resources, explore new cloud initiatives, and replace legacy systems.


Implement DevOps cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that can overhaul your organization’s ability to deliver apps and services at scale. We go beyond traditional software development practices and help you build continuous delivery pipelines.

Platform Engineering

Our expertise in building next-gen products enables organizations to discover new revenue streams, and leverage the platform economy to satisfy customers. Using advanced tools and technologies, we build platforms that handle high-volume transactions and complex deployments.