Developed an Indian e-pharmacy platform using Angular to sell medicines online

We utilized Angular 2.0 for software development, analyzing business requirements and undertaking coding, development, and testing of various project modules. This involves developing controller components and business components, as well as working on feature tasks based on specific requirements. The focus of software development was on developing controller and business components, working on feature tasks based on requirements, and utilizing both Golang and Java programming languages.

A comprehensive solution for managing academic activities at the institute level

Engineered a platform using Angular 10 which encompasses multiple modules necessary for educational purposes, serving the roles of administrators, Heads of Departments (HODs), faculty members, and students. The project efficiently handles all aspects of education and institute-level operations, starting from the admission process to generating alumni reports. It has been specially designed and developed to cater to the specific management needs of educational institutions. With this project, institutes can streamline their educational processes and enhance overall management efficiency.

Implemented Angular 10 to power a cutting-edge retail application

It offers a seamless online platform for global gold trading, encompassing all retail operations. The user-friendly interface ensures secure transactions, allowing customers to explore gold products, view live prices, and place orders with confidence. The Angular 10-based admin panel centralizes control, efficiently managing key modules like customer management, gold buying and selling, and transaction tracking.