Unlock the Power of Analytics and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Our Comprehensive Platform and Expert Team

As an Analytics and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enabler, our comprehensive platform empowers business leaders with transformative insights and the automation of manual tasks, facilitated by our data management, analytics, and RPA capabilities. With a team of skilled decision scientists and data scientists, we leverage our expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), business acumen, technical skills and industry knowledge to drive your success and accelerate your business growth.

Our Solution Transfers Customer and Transaction Data to SAP C4C for Enhanced Big Data Analysis and Improved Customer Services

We conducted thorough Requirement Analysis and collaborated with stakeholders to ensure data engineering teams had a comprehensive understanding of project goals. Rigorous unit testing and utilization of version one planning and management tool ensured a robust and error-free application. Leveraging Java schedulers and RESTful APIs, we seamlessly moved data from message queues to SAP C4C, streamlining the analysis process and enhancing service quality.

Harness the Power of Big Data: Our Robust Solution Delivers Valuable Insights for Budget Forecasting, Sales Analysis, and Profit Reporting

We designed and implemented a robust big data solution capable of handling large datasets and incorporating advanced functionalities. The integrated data engine enabled our client to gather and analyze data from various geographic locations, providing valuable insights for budget forecasting, product sales, and profit reports. Our responsibilities included the big data engineer, developing the ingestion pipeline to load data from diverse sources, building the processing and consumption module for forecasting and reporting, and ensuring data quality through regular validation checks at the end of each job.