Trading blockchain platforms for the cryptocurrency marketplace

Developed a blockchain-driven platform that aggregates the best prices from multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and allows users to compare and trade up to 1500+ cryptocurrencies at the best available price on a global scale. Integration of artificial intelligence with blockchain technology alleviated the technical, informational, and pricing challenges facing investors on all cryptocurrency exchanges.


Increased Traffic

Leveraged Ethereum blockchain technology to build a decentralized commerce ecosystem

Designed a robust protocol in a decentralized autonomous commerce ecosystem using blockchain technology. An innovative blockchain development solution enabled a seamless exchange of digital assets for products, services, and experiences without any third-party involvement. This gave a great boost to the security of digital assets and the seamless exchange of digital assets for physical products, services, and experiences in the metaverse.


Increased NFT Transactions

Blockchain app development services with Hyperledger Fabric for a FinTech client

Built a fintech digital platform that democratized the gold standards and made gold accessible to users and customers. Hyperledger fabric blockchain technology was used to track, validate, and audit transactions. This blockchain development platform provided transparent pricing, safety, security, quality, and free storage to gold consumers. Users were offered insurance for their holdings with unaltered digital warehouse receipts.


Increased User Adoption