Supply chain management with smart public cloud computing services

Created a smart cloud infrastructure in AWS public cloud and migrated on-premise servers, boosting operational efficiency and performance. Our cloud services simplified the processing of high-volume and high-velocity data, reduced application downtime, and considerably increased business productivity using a public cloud platform-driven smart solution.


Increased Uptime

Machine-learning solution for a renowned retailer using AWS cloud services

Designed a machine learning-based workload forecasting model for smart cloud computing. Cloud-native applications leverage AI and big data to analyze customer behavior and predict future demands in real time. The AWS cloud-powered machine learning solution automates cloud app deployment to continually test the predictive model and provide error-free results for making informed decisions.


More Predictive Accuracy

Built a robust Microsoft Azure cloud platform for advanced healthcare services

Developed a robust Microsoft Azure cloud portal as a one-stop shop to help insurance companies and medical practitioners improve health services. The cloud platform simplifies a complex healthcare journey, delivers personalized experiences, and improves patient care quality using the Electronic Data Interchange framework. Our cloud services also included encryption-based connectivity to secure EDI transactions.


Increased Transactions