Supply chain modernization with intelligent cloud infrastructure

Created a smart cloud infrastructure to migrate on-premise servers to AWS for better efficiency and performance. The solution streamlined the logistics operations with increased uptime and better throughput. Deployment of a highly-scalable infrastructure ensured a large volume of data processing and reduced the application downtime considerably to increase productivity and business outcomes.


Increased Uptime

Cloud migration architecture for a leading bank’s legacy applications

Created a private cloud architecture to host multiple data centers and efficiently migrate the legacy applications under the predefined standards. Post-migration, the legacy applications were hosted on a scalable, standardized, and secure cloud architecture. A migration tracking system was deployed to ensure the proper end-to-end migration of the applications.


Improved Productivity

Enabled a cloud-based machine learning solution for a renowned retailer

Designed a smart cloud-based prediction model with machine learning architecture. The application leveraged AI and big data services for analyzing customer behavior and forecasting future demands. A scalable and AWS cloud-based machine learning solution was deployed to consistently test the predictive model to provide error-free results and help them make informed decisions.


More Predictive Accuracy

Integrated cloud-based platform for advanced healthcare and services

Developed a robust Azure cloud-based portal to help insurance companies and medical practitioners drive down costs and improve health services. The platform orchestrates the complex healthcare journey by delivering personalized experiences and improving care quality using the Electronic Data Interchange framework. Encryption-based connectivity was used to secure the EDI transactions.


Increased Transactions