Powering smart agricultural decisions with real-time data insights

This advanced system streamlines vast amounts of crop/pest data and ensures exhaustive data automation throughout the business lifecycle. The advanced translation feature enables users to view crop/pest data in their preferred language boosting data consistency and integrity as well as leading to informed decision-making.


Improved Data efficiency

A robust data engine for a leading petroleum service provider that drives user experience

As part of our data science services – NeoSOFT architected a big data solution that ingests heavy amounts of data and handles large data sets coupled with multiple next-gen functionalities. This enabled the client to gather data from their POS at different geographic locations and gain meaningful insights about budget forecasts, product sales, and annual profit reports to devise accurate and rewarding loyalty programs for its users across geographies.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

A next-gen data analytics platform for a popular home furnishing brand

The client is a leader in home furnishing products and accessories and has exclusive outlets spread across the globe. We developed a next-gen data-extraction and data-analytics platform that captures silos of data generated from multiple data sources at different geographic locations and delivers real-time metrics such as sales, inventory, annual profits, etc.

  • Voluminous data extraction, processing, and parsing

  • Managing structured and unstructured data

  • Uplifted decision-making resulting in elevating business sales

  • Improved inventory management


YOY Sales Growth

AI-based demand forecasting system for a retail outlet

A fully automated grocery store that leverages key datasets and uses an AI-based recommendation engine for automating demand prediction. The system also incorporates data analytics backed with sensor fusion at major points of the store to track historical shopping data.

  • Predictive models based on customer’s historical shopping data

  • Informed merchandising decisions 

  • Real-time demand visibility

  • Accurate demand forecasting

  • Inventory optimization


Improved Inventory Management