Developed a core service application with a microservices architectural approach in DevOps

Deployed scalable cloud solutions to develop an application that would integrate multiple services on a single platform and improve the efficiency of the processes. More emphasis was given to security to ensure a seamless and completely secure payment gateway while safely storing user data that can be accessed through proper authorization.


Increase in Weekly Transactions

Built the infrastructure on AWS and containerized the applications

Provisioned a cloud architecture solution design along with VPN tunneling for authorized access to sensitive data. This mechanism was designed to add an extra security layer to the stored data. An OS-level virtualization method of application containerization was used to deploy and run distributed application solutions.


Increased Data Efficiency

Deployed Applications in Kubernetes and Ceph Clusters with full data safety

A multi-master Kubernetes cluster was implemented on bare-metal and integrated with a Ceph storage cluster. Prometheus and Grafana were also implemented for monitoring and alerting and were integrated with the Kubernetes and Ceph clusters, for monitoring. This setup ensures data security, privacy, and fast accessibility, and is fully manageable.


Data safety