A smart health and fitness wearable where technical clothing becomes a pragmatic sports buddy

Engineered a native mobile application for this innovative health and fitness wearable that focuses on Neuro Muscular Electro Stimulation (NMES). The product is the world’s first fully-integrated sports smartwear which pairs the Smartskins with a powerful smartphone opening up a whole new world of possibilities.


User Adoption

A next-gen fintech platform powered by Hyperledger Fabric

A blockchain-based fintech digital platform that democratizes gold standards and makes online gold purchases secured and reliable. This hyperledger fabric blockchain technology solution engineered by us helps in tracking, validating, and auditing transactions in real-time. The holdings are fully insured, with unaltered digital warehouse receipts.


Secured Transactions

Introduced automated process blocks for a leading insurance firm

Our client is globally renowned for its insurance and asset management services and believed in making the connected world a simpler and more reachable place to access. Using artificial intelligence and voice-controlled technology, we introduced a chatbot and a cross-platform mobile application to automate their workflows. We also deployed an AI-powered virtual health assistant and health bot to improve processes and reduce costs.


Elevated Operational Efficiency