Crafting a flawless digital experience for a leading retail brand

Ideating and executing a complete digital makeover of a successful retail store in the B2C segment was challenging. NeoSOFT built an integrated digital ecommerce platform for a global furnishing brand, including a web-based eCommerce application, retailer mobile app, merchant portal, iPad application, and Browntape. We also designed and implemented user-friendly strategies for seamless omnichannel retailing.


YOY Growth

Deployed Artificial Intelligence & IoT solutions for intelligent Retail

We combined computer vision, deep learning, sensor fusion, machine learning, and IoT technologies to develop robust mobile and web applications and warehouse automation solutions. Our project managers built a fully automated store keeping customer-centricity at its core. New features, multi-person tracking, multi-camera, live inventory tracking, and real-time product recognition eliminate long shopping queues, the probability of fraud, workforce training costs, and the handling of heavy baskets.


Improved CX

A live streaming eCommerce platform for an online retailer

An end-to-end eCommerce platform for live streaming allows the online retailer to provide an immersive and interactive customer shopping experience, promoting marketing, advertising, and purchasing. The live eCommerce mobile application enables influencers to interact directly with customers in selling skyrocketing engagement. Key challenges we overcame include lagging video streams, compatibility issues with the mobile apps, and outdated UI/UX.


Boosted Sales

Multi-store retail POS system and retail management software

Built a dedicated application infrastructure for consolidating inventories and sales to create transparency among the retailers within the mall. We developed a point-of-sale application using Core Java Swing. Implemented data exchange protocols and enhanced security authorization for different retailers. SQLite was used to establish a secure database to store retail data and sales information—an Analytics dashboard for sales, traffic, purchase patterns, and heat maps.


Improved Efficiency