Built a state-of-the-art learning management system for a UAE Organization

The client aimed to bridge existing gaps between digital and offline education delivery methods by deploying an LMS at par with the latest international standards. The solution had to be highly engaging and interactive for the students and instructors alike. NeoSOFT was responsible for the complete end-to-end development of the solution, including UI/UX, front-end and back-end development, content migration, quality assurance, and deployment. Our experts envisaged an LMS where more than 50,000 students, parents, and teachers can collaborate in real time with features such as performance tracking, parent communication, curriculum management, and more!


Improved User Adoption

Constructed a mobile application for an Indian edutech company

The problem statement was to simplify the learning process by allowing students and teachers to interact with each other using a mobile application. The solution had to be interactive, user-friendly, and offer a personalized learning experience to every student. NeoSOFT developed a one-stop app that allows students to access their courses, assignments, notes, question banks, reference books, and other key resources with just a few clicks. Additional features included live sessions with expert video lectures, shopping carts with transaction history, access to university syllabus, referral program, resume building, and MCQ Engine, to name a few.


Student Onboarding in Q1

Enriched the day-to-day learning experiences of students with a hybrid mobile app

The client aimed to challenge the boundaries of traditional learning by leveraging data analytics and machine learning to personalize content for individual students. NeoSOFT visualized, innovated, developed, and deployed a new-gen digital learning platform that facilitated interactive learning by falling back on a cloud infrastructure. With a smart algorithm that guides students through various topics and courses, the platform deploys smart analytics to track the performance of thousands of students at once and promote teacher-student interaction like never before. This reduces learner inhibitions, preserves learning documents, delivers performance support, and more.


Improved Learning Experience

Developed a user-centric eLearning platform with rich functionalities

The eLearning platform included multiple modules that were developed to integrate various functionalities. Over 2,00,000 courses were made available to the student community through an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use platform. The student dashboard showcased how students are faring in each subject and helped them understand the areas of improvement.


Better Academic Performance