Smart Classrooms

Enrich your educational programs with technology-enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as computers, specialized software, audience response technology, assistive listening devices, networking, and audio/visual capabilities. Our superior software capabilities enhance instructional output such as simulations, games, and tutorials, through attractive animation, sound, and demos. Built-in features of deployed solutions help learners work independently or collaboratively and help teachers manage classrooms, assess students, and encourage collaboration. Our solutions support web and classroom-based instructions and are easily customized to match your needs.

  • Enhanced instructional output with attractive animation, sound, and demos
  • Personalized instruction caters to the unique needs of pupils
  • Facilitates inclusive online classroom communities
  • Collaboration tools for in-class and outside-of-class activities
  • Secure platform; sharing and access permissions
  • Multimedia capabilities enable learners to respond using text, audio, video, images, etc.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

NeoSOFT enables organizations to develop various LMS platforms and deliver custom training and learning marketplace applications. Our developers are seasoned at custom LMS Development, Integration, and Implementation for Public K-12, Private, College, University, Higher Education, Preschools, Online, Charter, and Parochial schools. We develop interactive, stimulating, and user-friendly learning management systems for Academic Learning, Distance Learning, Corporate Training, and Product Knowledge with rich learning environments.

  • User-centric eLearning platform design
  • Micro-learning through customized video-based learning solutions
  • Useful for stand-alone learning programs and blended learning approaches
  • Improves cost-efficiencies by eliminating location-based training

Digital Evaluation/Assessments

Crafting superior learning experiences using state-of-the-art technologies to generate relevant tests and non-test-based assessments, marking systems, analytics, and management of student records, including marks and progress. Powered by digital filing, sorting, and reporting of learning outcomes, NeoSOFT’s digital assessment solutions redefine learning possibilities and make it easier than ever before for you to create, manage and monitor the progress of every learner.

  • Innovative features and tools to customize learning environments
  • Access learning resources based on knowledge and interests
  • Easy to administer; scalable to meet organizational needs
  • Integrates easily with existing software infrastructure

Adaptive eLearning

Implementing adaptive eLearning technologies with tailored plans that constantly adapt to learners’ progress and abilities. NeoSOFT’s solutions are designed to keep up with the learner’s pace with the latest instructional design models and web technologies that deliver the best possible learning experiences. With vast experience in building eLearning solutions with seamless analytics, we help educators understand what works best for their learners with several layers of automation.

  • Make learning adaptive and interactive by replicating in-person learning
  • Engage learners with the technology they are already comfortable using
  • Efficiently manage and monitor the learning process
  • Create a more diverse and inclusive learning environment

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

MOOC platforms are becoming increasingly common among students and employees for enhancing skills and knowledge. NeoSOFT’s expertise in developing customized learning solutions, content management systems, and discussion platforms with exceptional UI/UX, real-time progress tracking, analytics, and more, help you deliver superior teaching experiences, every day. With engaging content and information flow, our eLearning solutions make learning fun, easy, and interactive for learners.

  • Multiple web formats catering to different types of learners
  • User-friendly interface across various platforms
  • Scalable, on-demand architectures
  • Facilitates seamless modification of the content

Interactive Immersive Learning

Creating compelling and engaging learning environs with navigation, editing, and visual programming tools that enable learners at scale. The latest instructional design models are married with advanced web technologies to create solutions that are as interactive as in-person learning, bridging the gap between digital and physical infrastructures. Our experts leverage immersive learning technologies such as XR, and AR/VR, for learners to experience scenarios and simulations and create a more diverse and inclusive learning environment.

  • Modules that bridge the gap between theory and application
  • Microlearning for a single topic or learning objectives
  • Scalable, straightforward, and customizable features
  • Implement instructional techniques like demos, story-telling & gamification