Agile Dev Team Driving OTT Excellence

Modernizing CI for distinguished VOD Features

We revolutionized a prominent OTT platform by modernizing Continuous Integration (CI) and hosting advanced Video-on-Demand (VOD) features. Our agile engineering teams and cloud-based services seamlessly adapted to evolving consumer behavior. The transformation empowered the OTT platform to deploy distinctive features for new business models, ensuring a competitive edge in the media and entertainment landscape.

Outcome: 30% increase in user engagement and retention, 50% reduction in time-to-market for deploying new VOD features, a 40% rise in subscription revenue, 99.9% system uptime, and a 95% reduction in security incidents.

Empowering a Leading Retailer with a Team of 20 Engineers

Building an Omnichannel E-commerce Platform

Our software experts worked diligently to elevate the retailer’s digital presence, optimize inventory management, and establish a robust e-commerce ecosystem. Seamless integration of online and in-store shopping, state-of-the-art technology (Vue.js, Node.js, AWS, Python, MongoDB), and AI-driven personalization delivered unified, personalized shopping experiences.

Outcome: 40% higher online sales, 30% more in-store footfall, 60% fewer out-of-stock instances, and 20% reduced operational costs.

Dedicated Developer Team Powering Fintech Transformation

Modernizing software delivery for product speed

A Fintech startup leveraged our expertise in full stack, AI, and Cloud to develop an advanced digital banking solution. This entailed front-end development with Angular and React, responsive web design, and AI-driven personalization. Back-end work encompassed Java and Python, cloud-based scalability, real-time transactions, and robust data security measures.

Outcome: Achieved a 30% increase in user adoption, reduced transaction processing time by 25%, enhanced cybersecurity with a 97% reduction in security incidents, and recorded a 20% growth in user engagement.

Strategic Resource Scaling for a Large Logistics Company

Optimizing Supply Chain Operations

Deployed a diverse team of 20 software engineers, including experts in Java and Python and AI specialists for machine learning and data analytics. They worked with DevOps experts to overhaul supply chain processes, incorporating technologies like Java, Python, and cloud-based solutions for inventory management and logistics optimization.

Outcome: Reduced delivery times by 30%, improved inventory accuracy to 98%, and achieved a 20% increase in operational efficiency.

Dedicated Full Stack Team for Healthtech Innovation

Building a Futuristic & Secured Patient Care Platform

The healthcare brand leveraged our tech expertise and top talent to create a patient care platform that meets quality service demands at remarkable speed and scale. The comprehensive solution, powered by on-demand AI specialists, revolutionized patient records, telemedicine, and healthcare for better outcomes. Enhanced front-end and back-end systems ensure a seamless patient experience.

Outcome: Reduced patient wait times by 40%, increased telehealth visits by 50%, lowered administrative workloads by 15% and reduced the cost of care by 20%.