Enhanced the iOS app experience with upgraded UI and powerful integrations

Various additions and upgrades to the programme were done during iOS app development. First, new user interface (UI) panels were added to the offers module to improve the user’s interaction and overall visual experience. Additionally, the AV Player now has a custom resolution setting feature that lets users personalise their watching. The UI was restructured, improving the overall layout and navigation within the app. Various bugs were also fixed, enhancing the stability and reliability of the application. Moreover, third-party libraries were installed and implemented to augment the app’s capabilities. Alamofire was utilized for seamless API calling, ensuring efficient communication with backend services. The Youtube Player library enabled the embedding of YouTube videos within the app, enriching the content offerings.

Real-time insights and interactive content elevated the iOS astrology platform

Both the user experience and functionality of the iOS app experienced major enhancements. The implementation of a dynamic dashboard gave users access to real-time information on the amount of calls and chats made over the previous six months as well as in the previous month. User activity and interaction may now be readily tracked. In order to manage the astrologer pool effectively, the dashboard also shows the number of astrologers accessible for both iOS and Android apps. A flawless administration of the site is now possible thanks to the admin’s ability to add, modify, delete, ban, and unblock astrologers. The ability to block/unblock and remove user accounts as needed was added to the user management tools. Incorporating the capability to write articles gave users a forum to share educational materials.

Streamlining Drama Booking with Improved User Experience and Functionality.

In this project, we implemented new UI screens for a drama booking module, enhancing the user experience and streamlining the booking process. Additionally, we successfully implemented the functionality of setting custom resolution on the AV Player, allowing users to adjust the video quality according to their preferences. To improve the overall user interface, we restructured the UI, making it more intuitive and visually appealing. Moreover, we installed and implemented several third-party libraries to enhance the application’s functionality. These included Alamofire for efficient API calling, Cashfree payments for integrating a third-party payment gateway, and Youtube Player for embedding YouTube videos, enabling users to watch drama-related content seamlessly within the app.