Product & Platform Engineering

NeoSOFT’s leadership in product engineering and platform engineering services enables us to create next-generation digital products for software firms and vendors. Our new-age development model consists of PODs & Guilds which are purpose-built teams with the right mix of software product engineering talents, technical capabilities, and engagement approaches. Our agile PODs use the latest product engineering ideas like design thinking, DevOps-NoOps, continuous engineering, and MACH architectures
to rapidly deliver next-generation software.

    • Agile commercial model
    • Cross-functional & co-engineering
    • Enterprise & product testing
    • Adoption of cloud, microservices, API-led connectivity, containerization

Engineering Support

In our pursuit of excellence to build next-generation software solutions, we use the power of a human-centered, experience-driven, and iterative methodology. Our differentiated offering – ‘NeoNXT’ is solving critical tech talent problems, enabling software vendors like you to leverage our next-gen talent pool. We also help you establish your dedicated offshore development center (ODC) which is managed by us and serves as a growth engine for your business.

  • Technology Advisory & Consulting
  • Design Thinking & User Experience
  • DevSecOps Adoption and Agile Transformation
  • Digital Innovation Labs

Product Modernization

NeoSOFT outstands for its capabilities to modernize legacy applications & redefine the infrastructure, architecture, product to maximize resiliency, efficiency, agility, and speed. Applying the latest technologies, methodologies, and models, we enhance the performance of existing products and systems and reduce application code complexity. Clients benefit from our core pillars of modernization which include – portfolio rationalization, cloud transformation, data modernization, and security.

  • Container Enablement & Orchestration
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Micro Frontends
  • Monolith to Microservices

Product Sustenance & Support

Keeping pace with the rapidly changing technology landscape and the balancing act of sustaining existing products and simultaneously developing new ones can be a daunting task for product vendors. NeoSOFT’s product sustenance and support services ensure periodic software updates and patches release. Post successful product launches, we periodically review codes and facilitate future releases, and with our precision-driven agile team and in-house infrastructure, we keep rendering relentless support throughout the product life cycle.

  • Product/Application Management
  • Build/Release Management
  • Application Reliability
  • L1 to Ln Support

Engagement models

Developing a software product comes with the requirement of varied subject matter experts and different levels of capabilities, and scope of work for each resource. NeoSOFT understands this versatility that is involved in product engineering and therefore offers flexible or custom engagement models that are designed to match the size and scale of your operations. Our result-proven resource outsourcing services – NeoNXT and NeoNuclues, are deployed to help our software vendor partners achieve
flexibility, and agility, and optimize ROI. Our typical engagement models are built on new-age development models such as-

  • PODS & Guilds
  • Fixed time & material model
  • Effort-based pricing, time, and material
  • Scale up or down as per need
  • Part-time/Hourly basis