Constructed a Low-Cost, High-Value Messaging Platform

We successfully built an omnichannel communication platform that revolutionizes customer-company interactions. This platform empowers users to communicate effortlessly across various channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Additionally, it offers comprehensive support for creating Chatbots, bridging the gap between businesses and their customers. With this versatile platform, companies can seamlessly connect with their customers, enhance engagement, and provide a streamlined and personalized communication experience.

Created a Revolutionary Platform for Live Music Streaming

Our team successfully developed a cutting-edge video streaming platform that grants users access to their favorite music artists and celebrities right in their city, anytime and anywhere. This platform is designed to eradicate boredom by offering unlimited real-time content. Users can enjoy live music performances, explore new music genres, engage in conversations with celebrities, and gain insight into their captivating lifestyles. With this innovative platform, entertainment knows no bounds, keeping users engaged and enthralled with a seamless and immersive experience.

Access real-time Analytics and Reporting with the Crypto Accounting Platform

We built a mobile platform to provide a cutting-edge, portable, and adaptable way for people to acquire, store, and trade gold that is suitable for usage by individuals, businesses, and governments. From those just beginning to construct an investment portfolio to those with high net worth, it supports the entire spectrum of people on the consumer side, and for businesses and governments, it offers methods for payments, receipts, compensation, and cross-border payments. On the account page, you can always access your gold holdings, transaction history, account worth, and other details.

Engineered a single-point application for a comprehensive Sales Enablement Solution

Our team of Java application experts successfully developed a centralized application for Axis Bank, unifying multiple in-house applications into a single, efficient platform. With role-based access control, users within Axis Bank can securely navigate and utilize the various features offered. This comprehensive solution encompasses a wide range of features, including CRM, Notifications, Product guides, Calendars, Calculators, Announcements, Investment perspective, Call an Expert, HRMS, Barcode functionality, IPS, BA, ABR/SAS VA, and an extensive FAQ section.