Smart Manufacturing

Implementing design thinking, innovation frameworks, and autonomous decision-making, NeoSOFT enables intelligent automation for your industrial enterprise. Leveraging technologies such as cloud, IIoT, AI/ML, sensors, analytics, mobility, automation, and AR, we help you drive value across the manufacturing chain and develop a connected ecosystem. Using an integrated digital transformation approach, we help manufacturers achieve new levels of agility, efficiency, quality, and sustainability.

  • Highly automated and self-optimized and connected manufacturing environment
  • Smart logistics and supply chain
  • Analytics and forecasting
  • Decreased cost with reduced time-to-market

Asset Management & Optimization

Combining smart manufacturing technologies with cutting-edge statistical, data-driven, and physics-of-failure modeling techniques, NeoSOFT’s asset management and optimization solutions track your assets in real-time and enable manufacturing units to derive practical optimality. Our asset optimization strategies adopt Prescriptive analytics to help you operate as a much leaner organization. Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence we capture historical asset performance monitoring data and generate computer models of asset usage. IoT-enabled technologies are deployed to monitor asset conditions and analyze real-time data for determining maintenance needs.

  • Eliminate blind spots with automated asset monitoring
  • Leverage data-driven intelligence and predictive analytics
  • AI-based predictive maintenance
  • Pre-empt actions to avoid operational glitches or failures

Warehouse Management

Our warehouse management solution helps maximize labor utilization and minimize obsolescence, offering you real-time transaction processing, optimized storage & strategies, directed task management, and much more. Our experts are nimble at developing an on-premise or cloud-based warehouse management system which extends your supply chains to align inventory management and fulfillment services with modern purchasing methods and offers real-time visibility into an entire inventory—available via smartphone or the browser.

  • Streamline and automate inventory fulfillment processes
  • Optimized Supply Chains
  • Integration with ERP, CRM, or MRP
  • Improvements in warehouse security and safety
  • Improved supplier and customer relationships

Product Lifecycle Management

NeoSOFT’s product lifecycle management (PLM) offerings to clients have helped them accelerate product innovation and build products that are connected, intelligent, and closely looped by strong principles of design, manufacturing, and service. Our solutions focus on enabling a connected ecosystem and leveraging role-based user apps with the latest UI/ UX technologies across business functions, robust frameworks to integrate various enterprise systems, cloud services to make the solutions scalable, and reduce time to market. Our multi-phased PLM approach focuses on engineering efficiency, speed, and flexibility that considerably make a positive impact on improving the bottom line.

  • Improved engineering effectiveness and quality of the end product
  • Process standardization across the organization
  • Adoption of leading practice-enriched process design
  • Continuous improvement by monitoring performance metrics

Enterprise Supply Chain Management

NeoSOFT leverages its hi-tech capabilities in AI, Blockchain, IoT, and Digital Twin to catalyze supply chain operations across diverse manufacturing industries. Our experts leverage robust data architecture, automation technologies, and digital twin concepts to simulate the supply chain’s performance, including all the complexities that drive risks and vulnerabilities. Our proven capabilities in digitized supply chains help clients crunch lead times, increase asset utilization, streamline processes, facilitates better collaboration across the value chain, and drive a seamless customer experience.

  • Smart planning and execution
  • Autonomous and smart vehicles leading to a significant reduction in operational cost
  • Performance management and leverage data for decision-making
  • Build a resilient supply chain network

Inventory & Order Management

A manufacturing unit must have a holistic and accurate view of demand, supply, production, inventory, and distribution across its channel network. NeoSOFT’s expertise in superior manufacturing ERP solutions including predictive analytics, collaboration, production tools, and integration options, establishes smooth and synchronous interoperability and builds end-to-end visibility in tracking inventories and orders in real-time. Our capabilities in successfully digitalizing processes span from production planning, vis-a-vis inventory orders, supply, workflows, and other functionalities to enhance productivity, control costs, and ensure compliance.

  • Predictive analytics in demand forecasting
  • Statistical order management
  • Reduce complexity and streamline processes
  • Automated dashboards help build lean inventories