NeoSOFT is uniquely aligned to serve media companies, broadcasters, and native OTT providers to deliver content to their audiences via the internet seamlessly. Leveraging new-gen technologies like XR (extended reality), content analytics, hyper-targeted advertising, AI, and streaming technologies, our digital solutions give advertisers more opportunities for targeted advertising. With a blend of SmartOps, a transformation-led approach & customer-business-IT alignment, we optimize video content management systems, content monetization techniques, and OTT analytics to deliver intuitive OTT solutions.

  • Mobile, web, and TV application development
  • Adoption of Cloud Media Processing
  • Video delivery: Advertising Video On Demand (AVOD) and
  • Tight security with Advanced Encryption Standards(ADS) to regulate content delivery

Digital Publication

NeoSOFT helps news publications leverage multiple distribution channels and devices at scale. Innovative solutions support core functionalities on agile, dynamic CMS platforms, including module development and content management. This includes news gathering, reporting, live publishing, and editing capabilities. Enablement of engaging user experiences, maximization of reach, and generation of new revenue streams are key takeaways. Feature-rich widgets facilitate superior content, and real-time analytics provide critical insights into user engagement and measure success and ROI.

  • Flexible tools for content creation and management
  • Seamless integration with various devices and platforms
  • In-built features for analytics and user engagement

Film and Television

NeoSOFT’s integrated software solutions cover all aspects of production, including scheduling, shot lists, storyboards, call sheets, screenwriting, script breakdowns, budgeting, film crew management, client approvals, and more. Our domain-driven AI, facial recognition, video stabilization technologies, etc., enable industry-leading productivity. User-friendly audio/video editing functionalities, 3D capabilities, tools for collaborative workflows, editorial, review, and node-based video compositing, help industry professionals meet the demands of the digital era.

  • Reduced production costs of content
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • Seamless collaboration with all stakeholders
  • Enhanced creativity with better control

Print and Digital Media

NeoSOFT is the preferred technology partner for leading print and digital media enterprises. Whether analyzing market trends, developing innovations, or deploying them, our solutions are scalable, user-friendly, and have superior functionalities. Our digital imaging and documentation, online printing, digital asset management, and print management solutions help clients stay competitively ahead. Furthermore, NeoSOFT specializes in modernizing existing software and processes for the industry.

  • Agility to quickly adapt to market changes
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction
  • Improved quality and consistency of media content
  • Reduced production cycle time and costs


NeoSOFT software solutions enable advertisers to create, manage, and track advertising campaigns, buy and sell advertising space, and optimize advertising spending. From gamification solutions and using QR codes in posters and magazines to monitoring and analyzing customer behavior, marketing digitalization solutions, API programs, and other advanced technologies like IoT, AI, drones, voice bots, and more – NeoSOFT helps advertising agencies execute campaigns flawlessly and competitively.

  • Increased reach and effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • Improved customer engagement and loyalty
  • Reduced advertising and marketing expenses
  • Better insights into customer behavior and preferences


NeoSOFT’s comprehensive suite of solutions transcends the spectrum of digital video games, gaming apps, and smartphones to next-generation arcade video games. Our expertise in graphics, implementation of cloud computing, augmented and virtual reality, high definition displays, voice & facial recognition, gesture controls, wearable consoles, etc., enable advanced tools and solutions that are engaging, immersive, and designed to provide users with wholesome gaming experiences.

  • Realistic and interactive gaming experiences
  • Improved game quality and performance
  • Reduced development costs and time-to-market
  • In-game microtransactions and advertisements