Designed a platform to revolutionise news management

Implemented Node Js to develop a comprehensive Content Management System, enabling administrators to effortlessly add and manage different categories, shows, anchors, debates, and live TV on the website. The system is available in multiple languages and is streamlined from the backend to ensure consistency across languages while keeping databases separate. This was achieved by leveraging Node Js and MongoDB as the primary technologies, along with third-party integrations and TypeScript to build the Republic Content Management System.

Implemented Node Js to create an interactive E-learning platform

Users could create questions for various subjects and add corresponding answers, with results displayed to help track progress using this platform. Node Js development provided all users with an engaging, tailored learning experience through its development of a platform that provided user authentication via middleware such as JSON Web Token for secure login/logout sessions ensuring an optimal and individualized educational journey for every single one of its members. Thanks to these elements, all learners had an efficient yet individualised educational journey.

Engineered an OTT platform with Node Js to deliver a smooth user experience

The back-end development team also utilized Node Js software development process to optimize data from Elastic search and other sources for front-end needs, altering CTA button functionality for highlight pictures depending on package type and adapting CTA button functionality to user choice to highlight pictures depending on package type. Furthermore, the information presented within the user’s continue viewing tray was determined based on the individual’s viewing habits; furthermore, additional functionality such as modifications and pass-through API requests were implemented as additional components within this solution.