Leveraged advanced technologies to detect cancer and track its spread to nearby lymph nodes

Built an advanced integrated IoT solution using machine algorithms to establish seamless communication between data and devices. This led to the combination of ultrasonic instrumentation with a data acquisition model and the output rendered in a game engine. The system produced a 3D scan of the inner body parts revealing infections, tumors, and abnormalities with utmost precision.


Diagnosis Accuracy

Delivered an end-to-end data management system that enabled the business to make smart agricultural decisions

This advanced system streamlines vast amounts of crop/pest data and ensures exhaustive data automation throughout the business lifecycle. The advanced translation feature enables users to view crop/pest data in their preferred language boosting data consistency and integrity as well as leading to informed decision-making.


Improved Data efficiency

A robust data engine that transforms the user reward experience for a supplier and marketer of petroleum products

NeoSOFT architected a big data solution that ingests heavy amounts of data and handles large data sets coupled with multiple next-gen functionalities. The final product enabled the client to gather data from their POS at different geographic locations and gain meaningful insights about budget forecasts, product sales, and annual profit reports to devise accurate and rewarding loyalty programs.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

Devised an AI-powered platform that creates an organization’s custom ontologies and knowledge graphs

Making data speak, we harnessed powerful AI and Machine Learning technologies to build custom ontologies and knowledge graphs for a leading business. The objective was to overcome the tedious processes of manually tagging articles and pieces of web data and reduce the long hours spent on research. Cloud-based APIs enabled users to gain in-depth information about any entity.


Increased Customer Experience