LMS quality check for a leader in e-learning industry

  • Identified potential performance bottlenecks and scoped out areas of performance risk and performance goals.

  • Created scripts to produce consistent, measurable, and repeatable load tests which were designed to mirror the client’s live production environment, user loads, business patterns, and throughput.

  • Identified scaling issues that could impact users down the road and documented the testing process.  Archived test scripts, data, results, and environment configurations for future testing and base-lining.

Project Drivers: Performance Testing   |   QA Documentation   |   Functional Testing  |   Scripting  |   User Research

Performance and functional testing for leading telecom giant

  • Designed an automation script using Selenium web driver, JAVA, and POM (Page Object Model) framework.

  • Performed Black Box and Functional Testing.

  • Recorded bugs and their status in a bug tracking and management system.

  • Automated unit tests to improve development team productivity and reduce errors as the software grew.

  • Maintained documentation with thorough test execution and summary reports.

Project Drivers: Performance Testing   |   QA Documentation   |   Cloud Infrastructure Management   |   Functional Testing