Consulting & planning for an Indian conglomerate

The client, an Indian conglomerate, struggled to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape. Their website was outdated and failed to meet the needs of their growing customer base. The client turned to our team of digital strategists for a comprehensive plan to update their CMS website and improve their online presence. Our digital strategists thoroughly audited their website and created a detailed plan for improving the site’s design, content, and functionality, along with a new CMS implementation plan.


Increase in Website Traffic

CMS administration and maintenance for a large US media company

The client, one of the largest media companies in the United States, was facing performance issues and needed assistance with administrating and maintaining their WordPress-based website. The company was also looking for guidance on how to improve its website’s security posture. As a result, NeoSOFT was engaged in helping with the administration and maintenance of the website and in providing recommendations on improving security.


Improvement in Website Performance

CMS module development for a leading UK university

The client, a leading research-intensive university in the United Kingdom, was using an outdated version of their Content Management System (CMS). The university wanted to develop a new, modern CMS that would be more user-friendly and include custom modules to support their specific content deployment needs. NeoSOFT CMS experts were engaged in helping with the development of custom modules and in providing guidance on best practices for content management.


Improved Usability

CMS implementation for a major US retailer

The client, one of the largest specialty retailers in the United States, was looking for a technology partner to streamline its company operations and improve customer engagement. The client had an existing eCommerce website built on a legacy platform that could not meet the dynamic content demands. They partnered with us to replace their existing eCommerce website with a Drupal-based website. The project was divided into three main phases: content migration, development, and QA/UAT.


Productivity Boost in Content Management