Cloud ERP implementation for a global manufacturing brand

The client was struggling with their existing ERP system that had been in place for over a decade. The company decided to go for an upgrade and approached NeoSOFT. We implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in a record-breaking time of 4 weeks and helped the client go live in their new environment. The client has seen a significant improvement in its business operations and can now manage its processes much more efficiently.


Reduction in Inventory Costs

Odoo implementation for a leading retail brand

The client was using multiple legacy systems for its operations. The company was reeling from inefficiencies in its internal processes and looking for a single, integrated system to manage all operations. The client turned to us for an Odoo implementation for the same. NeoSOFT experts analyzed the existing systems and mapped out a comprehensive Odoo implementation plan that would cover everything – from inventory management and order processing to customer relationship management and accounting.


Improvement in Order Processing Time

Custom ERP software development for a leading healthcare brand

The client, a leading healthcare brand, was using an off-the-shelf ERP system that could not meet its specific requirements. So the company approached us for a custom ERP software development solution that would be tailored to its needs. NeoSOFT experts developed a custom ERP software solution with patient management, billing, and scheduling features that helped the client streamline its operations from top to bottom and improve its overall efficiency.


Reduction in Administrative Costs

Tally ERP implementation for a leading construction brand

Our client is a leading construction brand in India and were using a legacy system for its operations. They were finding it challenging to keep up with the ever-changing dynamics of the construction industry. The client approached us for a Tally ERP implementation to help automate its business processes and improve overall efficiency. NeoSOFT experts designed and implemented a comprehensive Tally ERP solution covering everything from accounting and finance to project management and procurement.


Improved Operational Efficiency