Cloud-based ERP application for a global manufacturer

The client faced challenges with their legacy ERP system and sought an upgrade from NeoSOFT. Within a record-breaking four weeks, we deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, enabling the client to go live in their new environment. With improved business operations and increased process efficiency, the client experienced significant benefits.


Reduction in Inventory Costs

Custom ERP Solution – Odoo implementation services for a large retailer

TThe client struggled with complex systems, inefficiencies in its internal processes, and multiple legacy systems creating the demand for a single, integrated custom ERP system to manage all operations. Our software engineers developed a comprehensive Odoo implementation plan for inventory management, order processing, customer relationship management, and accounting, and the ERP software enhances overall business performance.


Improvement in Order Processing Time

Custom ERP system modernization for a global healthcare brand

The client, a leading healthcare brand, used an off-the-shelf ERP system that could no longer meet standards or requirements for business processes and needed to be updated. Our software developers engineered a custom ERP solution with patient management, billing, and scheduling features that helped the client streamline operations and improve business efficiency.


Reduction in Administrative Costs

Custom ERP software implementation for a leading construction brand – Tally solution

The client, a prominent construction brand in India, faced difficulties in keeping up with the changing dynamics of the industry due to a legacy system. Seeking to improve overall efficiency and automate business processes, NeoSOFT engineered a custom Tally ERP solution for accounting, finance, project management, and procurement processes successfully.


Improved Operational Efficiency