Travel Management Apps

NeoSOFT has been fueling the digital needs of the travel industry such as airlines, airports, travel technology, travel distribution, and other allied segments. Our profound domain expertise combined with agile product engineering services, leverage transformative technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, augmented & virtual reality, mobility, and IoT to build revolutionary travel management apps.

  • Booking & reservation systems
  • Passenger Travel & departure control
  • Crew management & flight operations
  • Customer loyalty & rewards
  • eCommerce & travel intermediaries

Airlines Operations Management

NeoSOFT’s software consultants, designers, and developers have been using cutting-edge technologies and frameworks to create digital solutions that best simplify the airline’s operations. Our holistic offerings demonstrate a smooth integration with the newest occurrences in the IT industry such as beacons, cloud computing, IoT, mobile devices, BI & big data analytics among many others, with a prescriptive focus on achieving ideal turnaround time and maximum ROI.

  • Connected fleet management
  • Front & back-office systems
  • Centralized data repositories & intelligence
  • Improved aircraft utilization

Restaurant & Hotels systems

NeoSOFT’s digital product development for the hotel industry covers everything right from cloud hotel software, on-premise hotel software, restaurant POS, restaurant management, and inventory management to the booking engine. Social computing, IoT, cloud, mobility & big data analysis are the major tech tools our techies work with to improve operational efficiency and optimize revenue. We help clients with end-to-end fit-to-purpose mobility solutions and product engineering services.

  • Point of sales & food delivery
  • Reservations and waitlists
  • Membership, loyalty & marketing
  • Multi-channel ordering & payments
  • Back office & inventory management
  • Employee management & payroll

Payment Engineering

NeoSOFT is committed to developing secure, robust, integrated payment-processing solutions to deliver a seamlessly integrated payment experience. We partner with the best third-party payment service providers to engineer payment integration, provide a flexible framework and a superior technical architecture. Helping hoteliers save time for operations and enabling them to provide the best possible service for counter payments and support for pay at the table on mobile devices, we hold sustained capabilities in payment engineering and proven extensive global deployments.

  • Payment integration
  • Enhances security & compliance
  • Flexibility & choice in payment services
  • Global payments & automation